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THRIVE MONOATOMIC GOLD, OTHER NOBLES & ELEMENTS – Did we mention we’re about your thriving. Well, here it is. This is a superfine white powder, incredibly light, derived from salts and pure metals through a process nobody but me uses. The same higher plane alchemist teaching group involved in creating AUltra were also in on this one. They came as a packaged and serious upgrade.

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Thrive does what it’s called, but you have to remember, a lot of folks have a lot of obstacles to clear from their internal worlds, and thus their external paths, to optimize the potential to thrive in all levels – mind, body (bodies is more apt), and spirit. We can’t say it enough, everything is about purification. Clear the clutter/toxins/trauma = restoration of authentic being = natural thriving of the authentic self. It’s all really very simple. But be patient with yourself. It could take time.

It’s such a fine light white powder, a single gram fills a 1 oz bottle almost half full. But this one is in ziplock pouches with a little spoon, and at suggested dosage a gram should last two months. AUltra and Thrive are in fact excellent companions.

We’ve been working for years with a seer who’s one of the most gifted on the planet. I’m a very high frequency person…I have to be in order to be the physical hands and tools for higher beings. Once it was finished, I ate some (loved the taste!) and had him look at me. His reply was great. There’s so much light inside you I can’t see what it’s doing, all in your core energetics.

Thrive drastically ups the “light quotient,” biophotons, in cellular communications.

We didn’t wind up looking again, but I didn’t need to. I know what Thrive is. It’s a molecular upgrade across all electrical, chemical and tissue systems, and it’s doing it all from a higher plane through a layer of energy componentry we all have that is even subtler and higher frequency than the chakra system. All the newest stuff I’m making seems to be from a group that operates way up there, and my upgrade becomes your upgrade.

Thrive moves you closer to what you really are.

Mary noted that taking some and then eating an hour later seems to increase nutrient uptake, and the nutrient uptake increases its effects, and it can kind of ratchet up that way through a full day, and sometimes into the next. And for her, the high comes almost randomly now, but seems to be associated most frequently with eating.

The world is moving into ever higher energy and frequency ranges, despite how it might appear to the senses. The storied Age of Aquarius is essentially here, and we’re the ones to use alchemies like this to plow ahead and pull everyone else along with us. We’re not just blending with the new paradigms, patterns and alignments, we’re making them.

Get Thrive and use it for however long it takes for you to realize you’ve arrived in its universe, and a lot of folks will know it within hours or days.

Thrive is pure effortless joy, and may even bring a wonderful euphoric high. I’ve never known anything like this. If you don’t get there quickly, just keep at it, because you will get there.

We have more to learn about this one, but we’ve been too busy trying to get it ready. Anything that comes to you about it, please let us know. We’re all ears and hungry for knowledge.


MONOATOMIC GOLD, OTHER NOBLES & ELEMENTS.  Superfine white powder, incredibly light, derived from salts and pure metals through a process nobody but me uses.

Fill the spoon that comes with it about half full, or less, and eat it. It will instantly disappear into your tongue and oral membranes, leaving nothing to swallow.


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