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Step 4 – This beautiful pure white alchemy (it’s purity is completely beyond this realm) materialized out of nowhere (true story), directly on the heels of IPhaz. The use of IPhaz was the key for me to open a secret library of alchemical processes to make it. Although platinum and gold are still being used in Phasix as the geometric gateways and bridges to what is to come, we’re told that what it contains are substances that are not of Earth and there are no Earth terms which can be applied to these cosmic elemental presences.

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Use 3-20 drops by mouth or add to bath. Always start out with less and level up as needed over time. Intuition is key in dosage. It’s not about the tingles or the physical impacts, it’s about how it unfolds in you over time, expanding your wisdom and insights. It’s about the purification of your being to reveal what was always there. Add some to a bath, rub into chakras or apply to anything on the skin you like. Just tell it what you want it to do.

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