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Alchemy FAQ's

There are many meanings to the word “Alchemy.” Alchemy is really nothing more than blending two or more ingredients together and seeing what it can become. Modern alchemy involving gold and other elements, like the 6 platinum group metals, is a combination of natural elements, usually including monoatomic white powder gold, taken to a high frequency through ancient metaphysical practices. Ours is meant to increase the physical body’s conductivity and light flow, and to purify your body and its subtle fields of everything that has to go, all the deep programs, so that you can free yourself of the baggage that’s keeping you, and everyone else, from moving towards the next phase of this planet.

Alchemy encompasses several philosophical traditions spanning 9000 years. It was used in ancient Sumer, Egypt, the Greco-Roman era, Islamic, Indian, Chinese and Medieval and Renaissance Europe. The word “alchemy” is Arabic, being derived from al-kimya, which means “chemistry.” Like astrology (which is entwined with alchemy), it’s among the oldest sciences in the world. What I always find surprising is how few seekers seem to know how important it is.

WPG refers to the White Powder of Gold made by breaking down the metal into edible form, no longer metallic, but ceramic (or Stone). Medieval and Renaissance alchemists, of which I was one, didn’t have the word “ceramic” in their vocabulary, so “stone” was used. Using it results in greatly increased bioconductivity. Gold is highly conductive, used in industrial applications the world over. Its edible form, white powder, does the same thing, only in organic forms, like our bodies. It is made by the chemical breaking of the metal-to-metal bonds through various methods, and it’s finished it no longer resembles gold nor is accuratley detectable by any form of analysis. Why? Because it’s quantum, and observing changes it. Mother Earth happens to be an extremely accomplished alchemist, and so many natural sources contain high-spin elements often pre-blended together. We use both natural sources and the pure metals for our alchemies, but we do make White Powder Gold, truly monatomic, from pure gold. You can look into that here.

Monoatomic means single atom. In our case, this is in reference to the monoatomic elements, like gold, which are chemically inert, meaning non-reactive, and yet have superconductive properties. Very few, if any, ormus producers are creating anything that is monoatomic, and frankly nobody should be allowed to publicly state they are, us included. The problem is producers like us have a hard time getting “seen” if we don’t use that popular catch-phrase, which has been aroud since the mid-90s. And catch-phrase is all it is and has no meaning or basis in the production of potent alchemies. I’ve been doing this for thousands of years, and we never had “monatomic gold” in our vocabulary.

The word ormus has a long tradition in mainly esoteric circles. In the ’90s it was adopted by modern practitioners because of its resemblance to the initials ORMEs, which stand for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements and was filed under this moniker as a method of manufacture for a patent by David Hudson. Ormus is otherwise just a word, a popular one, but it also has no meaning or basis in the production of potent alchemies.

David Hudson was an Arizona dirt farmer in the ’70s who discovered that monoatomic elements existed naturally in rock, soils and sands as he was preparing arable soils. He went on to further determine that it also exists in the plant realm as well, with the aloe plant, as an example, being a host to a form of monoatomic rhodium, which is the primary constituent for its fantastic healing capabilities. He began researching what could be done with this dried white powder and discovered it is a super-nutrient, with a broad range of health and wellness applications. He then researched the ancient links to alchemy and the Philosopher’s Stone. Along the way, he lost his way, never branched into any truly esoteric wisdom thread, and his facility was sabotaged from within, even though the official story will never admit to that (or might not even be aware).

The Philosopher’s Stone is a legendary concept, sometimes referred to as a substance, sometimes referred to as the purified human, and sometimes referred to as an actual stone, itself representing the immovable and incorruptible seed of the Infinite at the core of the purified human. As stated above, another of its correspondences is the ceramic that results from the full alchemical treatment of the noble metals. In other words, “ceramic” is a type of “stone.” “The Sword in the Stone” is one such allegorical reference, as were the wildly popular Grail Romances. Can you pull the sword from the stone? Can you reach the deep interior of a given thing and release its spirit? Do you have the know-how, the art, the purity of being? Purity of being is the only passcode needed.

Possibly its most consistent reference is made regarding its ability to turn base metals, particularly lead, into gold. No substance can do that. Only the alchemist can do that, so in that case, the alchemist is the Philosopher’s Stone (this happens to be true). A close second is that it is believed to be the mysterious and elusive “elixir of life,” possible of achieving physical immortality by raising the body to a phase of incorruptibility, written about in ancient documents all over the world. That’s a classic Red Herring, to draw in the starry-eyed and egoistic. The incorruptible thing is the spirit, and it’s already immortal, but High Alchemy connects you to its immortal world. That’s the whole point. The perfect merger between matter and spirit. I’ll repeat for emphasis: It’s the perfect union of matter with spirit (making the Adam Kadmon). It has been the central symbol of alchemical mysticism, the labor, process and ongoing discoveries of which is known as “The Great Work.” However, the Great Work, by definition, is the theoretical pinnacle of any alchemist’s body of work, and is the objectified fact of transmuting base metals into gold. It can be done, and I’ll leave it at that. What do I personally know the Philosopher’s Stone to be? The purified alchemist, is the short answer, and it’s also the immovable and unchaging Presence at the core of the fully purified human. Remember, this is about purification and nothing more. The purer you are, the higher you go. It’s so important to know that.

Zero point energy is the vacuum or ground state. It is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical system may have. In modern parlance, however, it’s often depicted as a point through which realms have access to each other.

The first thing to know is that most of the periodic chart is not toxic in its elemental state, but all can be in a dissolved state depending upon how they’re prepared. The preparation of these high-spin elements makes them completely safe for consumption. The pure metals have been reduced to nanoparticle crystalline entities which are not only bioabsorable, but are bonded with hydrogen to carry out specific electrical instructions in the body, including the activation of inert DNA.

The short answer is not that are unhealthy nor undesired, even if there is some emotional purging. These are very powerful products, and they do seek to considerably raise the physical vibration. In that process, the body will want to purge toxins, both chemical and emotional, and in so doing might start mild detoxification reactions. Most users, however, don’t experience anything but the positive beauty of their use.

We have products for every level anyone is on. If you’re not sure what you should get, contact us.

None have been reported over 20+ years, and tens of thousands of users, of our stuff.

In our experience, yes. We have couples who’ve told us they’d birthed superbabies because of it, but those were anecdotal reports and of course we have no way to verify the information. Since products of this type are not known by Western Medicine, consulting a physician won’t help with the question. But we do legally have to point you to our Medical Disclaimer. If you feel too sensitive, you can always dilute your doses in water, ingest the product through soaking in a bath or just do more gentle applications of anointing or spraying on the fields of the body. We always encourage everyone to develop and trust their intuitions and guidance.

Our products open you to higher realms and beings. Of that, there is no question whatsoever. Whether you’re designed to detect or experience it with the 5 senses, and a psionic 6th sense, is another matter. Almost everyone figures out other ways to interpret the signaling, which often comes as feeling and inspiration. People with higher sensing gifts will have their gifts enhanced. New kinds of multi-density information can come through in clairvoyant and clairaudient ways, and do often increase in frequency and volume. The truth is that truly gifted psychics find us, because they’ve been guided to. Some users have reported feeling a subtle healthy body high. Some have also noted an increased subtle but notable sensitivity to the senses. For example, the sense of touch could be heightened over time (a bigtime bonus in our view for things like bodywork) or maybe you notice a deeper appreciation for music and art. If you do feel a high it is not unlike how you feel post meditation. It’s a calm pleasant feeling of clarity. You mostly likely won’t have threshold trip experiences and very unlikely to have an instant kundalini awakening, although it may be likely that you notice gentle shifts in the sense of expanded consciousness. Some experience increased synchronicities and find it easier to enter into flow states or what atheletes call “the zone.”

It’s impossible to list every potential effect you could experience and it varies, sometimes hugely, from person to person, but in general a typical user may experience some physical awareness of the product often in the crown or third eye area, a sense of well-being or peace, introspective states, elevated states, increased awareness of qi or energies in general, increased vibration, increased personal magnetism, perceptual shifts in one’s personal life, life shifts with old unhealthy partnerships or relationships dissolving, and new relationships appearing, more conducive to one’s newer elevated state. Emotional releases, heart openings, increased creativity and directional guidance and confidence. A natural attraction to what’s in alignment with your path and heart. Healthy diet shifts. Health upgrades. More joy and laughter. More connectivity to self and purpose and everyone.Many have reported that with regular use they experience a deepening profound awareness of the nature of reality and find themselves more self aware and thus more in alignment with their truth/integrity. Many report greater understanding of rather advanced spiritual teachings that that had eluded them before. They can facilitate a deepening wisdom and discernment for truth.

There are quite a lot of informational articles and anecdotal reports dating from the mid-1990s on the Web and through the websites of some of the producers, but as of this writing no formal clinical trials have ever been published, at least in the US. Since we know personally an alchemist who sold 2000 pounds of high-spin precipitate to a South Korean pharmaceutical giant, there must be interest in some places. However, several pharmaceutical giants have been studying the various properties and capabilities of a number of m-state elements with startling results. As for further information, many producers’ websites, including our own, contain a wealth of information.

With Origin. Helios Gold is a good one to get and use at the same time as Origin. Helios Platinum is also a good one to add, or both. If you have experience with other high-spin elements from other producers, it might mean you can start on a higher phase. Our system is not related to anybody else’s. Our system is one initiation after another into your own highest order well above 3D. So, it won’t be often that any other producer’s material has done for you what is needed for our physical and subtle body conditioning. The best thing to do is contact us and let us know what you’re thinking.

Ormus is a word that has taken on a formal meaning relating to precipitating m-state elements out of mineral waters, or from dissolved solids. Some have expanded the meaning to encompass any precipitate from any source, like gold. I don’t agree. While some producers then sell the salt precipitated ormus, suggesting spoonfuls of what is mostly milk of magnesia as a dose, we use those types of precipitates in a couple of products as the starting material to then make something truly magical (or alchemical).

All kinds of things: plants, minerals, flowers, oils, water, and the list goes on. In two of our lines, we use the pure metals, gold and the platinum group.

There are many methods. Ours are all trade secrets, given to me by my discarnate instructors. Beginner recipes can be found all over the Web, however.

Yes. Frequently and abundantly. Some make their own concoctions. We have people who became healers because of how our alchemies opened them to Potential, and then continued with them in their practices. This is especially true for those who do healing ceremonies or deep shamanic or tantric work. They spend time getting to know the alchemies first and it makes their services stand out with excellent results. We have other products that aren’t ingestible alchemies which also work very powerfully in healing and clearing – Puramyd and Merlin Power Stones

Many many of our customers have thought so, and have given it in lower doses.

 If it’s correct for your path, our system CAN open you to ever-widening vistas, information, connections to higher information, wisdom, and on and on. Enlightenment isn’t something we can strive towards. I know, because enlightenment achieved me, and yes, I did it by using my own alchemies. If you strive towards it, it will forever elude you. If you think enlightenment will solve your human problems, you’ll NEVER reach that state. You have to rise above the drama layer and all its cross-noise to even have a chance at it. Enlightenment isn’t what anybody thinks, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone who isn’t VERY grounded and mentally stable. Some of our workshops talk about the topic, because it is so vastly misunderstood.

We can’t state it enough. Our alchemy is about purity, and purity is about removal. Deep inside every single person is a brilliant shining light sourced by the Great Central Sun. All you have to do is remove the layers that are concealing and dampening that. Removing the layers changes the nature of reality. Once you do that, you’re already connected to invisible realms. See what I’m saying? In that light, our alchemies are well known for clearing the way for access to higher centers of awareness, increasing intuition, knowing, prescience, etc. Check our testimonials for more on that.

As you open more to your potential, you’ll find yourself with an ever increasing and deep sense of personal responsibility. With that comes wisdom. With that comes the constantly shortening time between wish and when it comes true. So long as your manifestation is true to your design, nothing can stop it from coming into being. Fair warning: it’s possible you’ll change so much that what you think you want now will probably also change.

Not that we know of. There have been commentators out there who’ve said this, but I believe much of it was early disinformation by people claiming to be psychic and the like. We can’t speak for other producers, because some of them just don’t know what they’re doing, but we do know ours doesn’t. The truth of the matter is that from medical research circles there is more and more information emerging indicating just how powerfully elements such as these, and crucially in these states, work in healing and repairing DNA. We can’t speak for products made by other producers, however.

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