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We provide no member information of any kind to anyone at any time, and strenuously disapprove of the types of concerns and people who do. We ourselves, in fact, have no access to any of your information you don’t want seen. Your privacy is entirely up to you.

Most of our functionality, cookies, analytics, scripts, payment capture, chat functions, are all provided and maintained by third-parties. For the parts of this puzzle that we control, we are both Privacy Shield and GDPR compliant. We do have IP anonymization active, meaning that even with Google Analytics tracking, your IP address is masked.

We occasionally send out notices for product announcements, updates, and event announcements. It’s under your total control what you receive from us. All links to the legal documents, policies and control pages are below. You can opt out at any time, which the Welcome Message for all new accounts points out and gives directions for.


We use no cookies of any kind except those used for Google Analytics. It’s important to note that we have no requirement of any kind that you provide any personal information to us unless you want us to have it.

Disabling cookies, or choosing what types to allow, is one of the most basic functions of any browser. Just look under your Preferences, Settings or Options, and look for Privacy and/or Security. What you should know is that some cookies are related to performance, flow, functionality, page presentation, etc., which means that in shutting them down, there might be limitations to access, functionality, presentation and performance. We recommend you turn them off, then surf the site and see if you’re able to do everything you want. If so, you’re golden.


Some browsers have built-in VPN functionality. Opera is one, and its VPN is good. What those do is proxy your IP address to be located in various places throughout the world. Tracking you would be to track an anonymous browser.

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