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How to Find Yourself

Negative thoughts never really leave our side. Instead, they keep coming and we tend to forget – who we are? Moreover, we also listen to our inner critic who gives away bad vibes about ourselves. Thus, while wandering off directionless, a thought pops up – how to find yourself? Feeling lost in life because of […]

Be Grateful

Take a minute to sit back and think about all that you have. Not many of us realize how blessed we are until we actually end up losing something. Why should you let that happen? As you are reading this, think about all the little things that make your life worth living. These are things […]

Ormus Gold – Why Are You Here?

I’m here to get Gold Ormus (or other types) In modern times, a great deal of mysticism has been assigned to things like “shewbread,” “manna,” “Mfkzt,” the “elixir of life,” and so on.

Spirituality and Healing

Harvard Catalyst symposium explores how spirituality and religion may both help and hinder health.

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