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Essiac Tea Myths and Misconceptions

Essiac tea has become increasingly popular, but there is a great deal of confusion about the most advanced formula for preparing it. Unfortunately, many essiac tea companies sell counterfeit products or an outdated version of the formula. In this article, you will learn about the common myths that surround essiac teas and the truths behind them.

Busting Common Essiac Tea Myths and Misconceptions

Myth 1 – All Essiac Teas Are the Same

Fact: There are several different ways to prepare essiac tea, and they are not all created equally. Properly prepared essiac tea should be made by combining the four herbs in a specific ratio and following a specific order. Some of the most common mistakes that tea consumers make include using one herb instead of all four, using the wrong herbs altogether, forgetting to use the flower, using the wrong ratio of herbs, using the wrong order of the herbs, and using herbs that are not labeled ‘essiac.’

Myth 2 – You Don’t Need Powdered Herbs

Fact: Powdered herbs are used in essiac tea because it is much easier to strain the powder out of the tea infusion than it is to strain small chunks of herbs. Many essiac tea companies provide powdered herbs or leave it up to the consumer to use herbs that are already powdered. However, even though powdered herbs are preferred, un-powdered herbs can be used as long as they are well-crushed before the infusion process begins. The key is to use herbs that are finely crushed or powdered before the infusion process begins.

Myth 3 – Essiac is Only For Those Who Are Sick

Fact: Many people enjoy drinking essiac teas to improve their health. However, it is important to remember that essiac is not just for those who are sick. Many enjoy essiac tea because it supports their health and makes them feel good.

Myth 4 – You Can Only Drink Essiac Tea Hot

Fact: You can enjoy essiac tea hot or cold. Some people prefer the taste of essiac tea cold. Others prefer it warm. Though essiac tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, it is best to drink it hot as it is not a good idea to store essiac tea in the refrigerator.

Myth 5 – All Teas Have the Same Healing Power

Fact: Studies show that certain teas have a stronger therapeutic value than others. Black tea has a high level of caffeine, and because of this, it is not recommended for most people. Green tea is made from a different plant than black tea and contains more antioxidants. Green tea has a higher therapeutic value and should be used instead of black tea when brewing essiac tea.


If you are planning on purchasing essiac tea or planning on making it yourself, it is important to know the truth about essiac. Don’t be fooled by rumors and myths about essiac tea because you can only get the full healing power of essiac tea by using the right herbs in the right way. Always remember to use freshly dried herbs, grind them just before making the infusion, and use the highest quality ingredients you can find.

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