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Our branch of the practice of alchemy has been in use and development forever, certainly since before the current Earth experiment began. In Atlantis, it was taught as elementary education. In Egypt, it was the highest science, and that same science has been brought forward into modern times, through overlapping currents of knowledge and secret organizations, most of which are dedicated to the shift to the next continuum.

It’s well worth mentioning how a medium level alchemy of ours measured on a Bovis measurement device. The Bovis Scale is a system of measurement for telluric and lifeforce energies. A piece of organic broccoli, for example, will measure as high as 15,000 on the Bovis Scale. One of our medium level alchemies measured almost 4 million, which should give you an indication of how high and potent this stuff is.

If we were to put the purpose of our alchemy into a single sentence, it might be: “To facilitate the most efficient and “smooth sailing” integration between the True Self and the outer conscious self, the latter of which must eventually dissipate.” To do that, we’re cutting through and dissipating layers upon layers of stuff that is not just in our own psyche, but in the collective psyche. Maybe this will make sense to you, but with the help of the alchemies we’ve been processing through transmutation tons of stuff for everyone on Earth – by no means just for ourselves. In other words, your help of the whole situation is the central driving force of your own integration, and the alchemy is heavily involved in that. The more you give of yourself, the less of “you” remains.

If you have not yet read The Superbeings Story, now would be a good time to do that, as it gives a more complete picture of alchemy and what we’re doing with it. Some of what follows is taken from that document.


What follows is a fairly detailed account. Maybe you’re not interested in gaining a practical grasp of the workings of alchemy, and if that’s the case, let’s summarize it for you in the next couple of paragraphs. Alchemical substances are made from noble metals. Right now, in the Helios Line we have products made from gold, platinum, rhodium, iridium, osmium, ruthenium and palladium. We also have some exotic substances in the Blue Emerald Line, both of which are under Alchemy above. It’s a progression that we’re being given by off-world beings who are guiding us to repeat what has been done in ancient times with alchemy, but obviously in a modern context, with modern energies and frequencies and a much more awakened planetary population, which is the biggest factor of all.

When these metals are transitioned to edible forms, they increase the body’s conduction of Sunlight/energy, and interstellar flows of those, to incredible levels, which increases the body’s, and especially the brain’s, electromagnetic and light/energy output. The result is the amping up, and creation of new, electromagnetic fields, among other effects, which themselves can be consciously and deliberately manipulated, which is precisely what we did in Egypt in concert with the Sun’s light, energy and magnetism. It’s also through these fields and altered states of consciousness, or brainwave frequency, that we’re able to get in ever clearer and widening contact with higher intelligences, or beings (we prefer the word “people”).

The class of these substances is known as monatomic, although whether that’s technically true is subject to debate. Other names are white powder gold, iridium, and rhodium, and sometimes ormus, a term you’ll never see anywhere here but eight words ago. There are copious amounts of information all over the Web with those as search terms.

It’s all natural, perfectly safe, gentle (when it needs to be!), and extraordinarily powerful. If you’d like to look deeper into alchemy and what it has always been used for, please read on. 


Alchemy throughout history has always been used by its highest level practitioners to give clearer access to non-terrestrial beings. The reason for that is simple: the very act of it is like downloading and incorporating into your experience knowledge, abilities, memories and senses from minds that are able to perceive on much larger scales. If all of this is about the expansion of consciousness, and it is, then the best way to do that is to merge our consciousness with more expanded consciousnesses, those of higher level beings, in order to create something entirely new from the combined essences of both, which is the very definition of alchemy. That is, the blending of two or more things to make an entirely new thing. Even the alchemists in Europe, like the Bacons and Dees and, even earlier, Da Vinci, were all about that contact, which is why you see in a lot of classical art depictions of UFOs. Da Vinci himself was in direct conscious contact with these non-terrestrial peoples.

Let’s go into the mechanics a little bit. If you look at a block of gold, you’re seeing what it looks like here, but not what it looks like there, on a non- or semi-physical side of the dual equation. When you break down the metal-to-metal bonds of gold, making it so that its lattice structure is no longer metallic, you have in effect transmuted that metal into a non-metallic substance. In the most secretive levels of science, in those corridors that are kept so secret from even the visible military-industrial complex, they are performing this research knowing perfectly well they are dealing with an entirely new phase of matter.

Having done that here, transmuting any given element from metal to, say, powder, you’ve also simultaneously “evolved” its form there. Its form there can be used by non-terrestrial people to gain access to our level of mind here, with the higher energy form of the gold or any other of these elements being clear conduits between levels of being. The beings with whom we wish to broaden the flow of contact are working on wavelengths that correspond to our brain’s theta frequency, and so the alchemy serves as a bridge between consciousness realms, as it were, by putting the user in increasingly lower brainwave frequencies. These lower frequencies are exactly like saying “going deeper within.” We have hooked people up to EEGs and got baseline wavelengths of brainwave activity. We then gave them some of our alchemy and their wavelengths dropped into the theta range within seconds, and this while they were wide awake and chatting sports scores. This is not supposed to be possible, but we’re doing it. Putting ourselves in the theta frequency range is helping in a small way to do that to everyone else, thus dissolving the partitions in consciousness in the world itself.

Let’s touch on the Holy Grail, because it’s important for this discussion. It is symbolically many things, as you might know, but at the foundation of all legends, myths, stories, grail quest allegories, and so on, is the fact that it is the electromagnetic, photonic, mini-field, shaped like a chalice, in which the pineal gland rests. This is one of the most basic elements, and well-guarded secrets, in the mysteries and mysticism stretching back to the antiquities even before the beginnings of Lemuria and Atlantis. The pineal gland is the gateway to contact, and this is the reason that its deepest secrets were held so close and dearly by, you guessed it, the secret organizations. This is exactly why the controlling factions have implemented so many ingenious ways to encrust this fabulous gland and close it off from a far larger reality.

What’s important to understand about this is that the pineal gland is almost completely inaccessible to anything physical, meaning something that can be ingested some way or another. It’s a very short list of things that can nourish that very particular gland. But it can be highly accessible through fields, and only when such fields can naturally, in rhythm and harmony, mesh with the chalice cup surrounding it, which is also its security apparatus. The frequencies of brainwave activity change the properties of that chalice-shaped mini-field, changing the parameters of access through the pineal gland.

The reason this is important for the present discussion is that one of the often predominant constituents of the pineal gland are magnetite crystals, which radiate electromagnetic pulses. The chalice cup is one of the results. We have an alchemy containing a bio-absorbable form of magnetite, and that particular alchemy definitely opens the user to higher contact.

All of the latest alchemies amplify various morphogenetic and electromagnetic fields to help in syncing up with Earth’s fields, such as the Schumann Resonance. This counts for the Sun as well, as its light spectra, plasma emissions and magnetism can be collected, adjusted and put to use by the alchemy in perfect synchrony with our physiology. Also, there are places on Earth where there are magnetic anomalies that essentially remove all distance between here and the Sun. And to make a point: if you were to deliberately go out of phase with 3rd density, to disappear, and this is a scientific technique practiced even today, you’d be doing it with an electromagnetic field, and so the Merkaba, as an example, is actually a field.

Let’s touch on the ancient Science of the Sun. The Sun’s current sheet is only 10,000 kilometers thick, but extends well beyond Pluto in total diameter. The current sheet is not particularly high in electromagnetic or -plasmic energy, but because of its sheer size the entire solar system is configured around it, including the heliosphere, and the entire thing, taken in whole, represents an unfathomable amount of energy. The current sheet rotates in undulations, sort of like a serpentine sine wave, and Earth intersects with it several times a year, and tracking that is itself an esoteric science that can be taken advantage of alchemically. Those undulations are what the ancient peoples could see, and so the current sheet is actually the Plumed Serpent, or Dragon God, that exists in the religious or spiritual iconography of many advanced ancient peoples.

So, as an example, when I am given a prompting and an idea to produce some alchemy, I’m being prompted by a higher someone, probably an alchemist, who knows that an Earth-current sheet intersection is underway, or conversely has just ended. Throughout history, all true alchemists used their own alchemy to unlock doors to libraries of guarded information, the protected secrets. All of the alchemies are designed to unlock, and users walk around within often huge fields, most without knowing it, helping to awaken everyone who gets anywhere near them. These fields can extend for miles.

All esoterica of mass and energy in this local space begins and ends with the Sun, but with very strong nods to the orbiting family of planets, where in some duties both Jupiter and Saturn can rival the Sun in pound-for-pound influence (for instance Jupiter’s oversight and influence of 666 carbon), but we’ll leave those discussions for the project itself. The Sun has commerce with intra- and interuniversal balance at its core, where it “borrows” from the vacuum types of energy and matter/antimatter which become its nuclear fuel.

Alchemy is the low energy version, or corpus of knowledge, of matter phasing to energy, and vice versa, which is why the legend of lead to gold has been allowed to subsist as both a metaphor and actual process for the basis of understanding.

We will be working with the noble transition elements: gold, the platinum group metals, and a few other exotic elements yet to be disclosed. It might be useful to touch on what is meant by “transition elements.” These are different from the other elements in that in their basic atomic structure the sites at which their electrons can combine with other elements exist in multiple layers, or shells. They therefore have many oxidation states and can therefore be converted to a variety of forms. The ones we’re creating are the edible forms.

All of these elements conduct electricity and heat in their metallic, or bulk, forms, and again esoterically, when introduced into the body’s systems at quantum and material levels, they can increase what we might call bioconduction. It’s important to understand that high alchemy seeks to create and stabilize substances that “vibrate,” or have presence, in multiple planes, or phases of reality, including what you could call “quantum template planes.” In this respect, they convert the body intelligence, including the nervous system and the central brain, which is actually the heart, into organs of multidimensional awareness, the heart being the most important in terms of one’s acceptance of responsibility, which is absolutely critical for Mastery.

How this is done is understanding that the human body is a marvelous bioelectric machine, and all of its processes depend on the clear and (ideally) unimpeded conduction of electrical “messages” required to carry out those processes, many of which being genetic instructions. Not only do our cells communicate via chemicals and electricity in our nervous system and intercellularly through other processes, but also through the exchange of photons, or light particles, as information carriers. You might be aware that one of the Sun’s massive outputs at all times are photons. So, if you give the body food that is either a form of light, or facilitates the conduction of light, you are amping up its “light quotient,” as it were.

The Sun’s output consists of the full electromagnetic spectrum of light, from infrared to ultraviolet, even though its distribution changes with a host of factors, including time of day and a variety of atmospheric conditions. It emits certain types of radiation as well, often through coronal mass ejection, which when hurled towards Earth could be very hazardous if it weren’t for our protective atmospheres, such as the ionosphere. Those interactions create the ionic displays we call the auroras at the poles, which are also a product of the increased magnetism at those poles.

We discuss much of this to point out the fact that, as just one example, those auroral displays are not all that different from the auroral display put out by the body, and the reason for that is because our bodies and the Earth are made of the same stuff, and in fact function in many of the same ways. It’s important to know also that there are magnetic conduits connecting the Sun in both 3D and in dimensional spaces which are, put simply, distanceless. At the height of Egyptian Solar Science, their religion and thus the High Magick of the Priesthood, Egypt was one such epicenter of a magnetic portal. We knew that, and we used it to accomplish things outside the purview of this document.

It’s also important to know that the killer radiation, in its raw and unadjusted forms, blasted out by coronal mass ejections is a radiation that can be put to much higher use when the body is flowing with these alchemical substances. As an example, the use of Helios Platinum will cause your skin to be much more resistant to damage from Sunlight, and sprayed on a Sunburn could be one of the most powerful ways to get relief.

Now, we happen to know we’re working directly with the Sun. A close associate happens to be a very gifted seer. In developing one of our substances, I called and asked him to have a look at it. He had no idea what I was after, no notion that anything I was wanting to know had anything to do with the Sun. I just said, “Take a look and see what you see.” His reply: “It’s fascinating. It’s matching the rhythmic patterns of the magma displacement on the surface of the Sun. It’s attuned to its pulse. It knows when Sunspots are forming and when those…I don’t know…explosions happen. X…I keep hearing X.”

“Yeah,” I said, “X class coronal mass ejections.”

 “Yeah. That’s it. It’s tuned to those too. It’s all a rhythm, a pulse.”

I almost crumpled to the ground I was so excited. It’s just so gratifying to learn that what you’re doing actually works .

What we’re also seeing is that the matter in these aqueous solutions, the nanoparticles of these substances, are going in and out of phase with 3rd density. You can meter the parts-per-million at 1 pm, and then take another measurement at 2 pm, and they can be radically different. Two different superseers can watch while the “core” of the solutions is something like a gravity well, where the particles will literally vanish into them and then blip back into observation seconds later. This is bigtime magic in today’s way of thinking, but to the Egyptians, and many other ancient peoples, it was science.

We’re pretty sure that what’s happening with this attunement to the Sun with each of these is an action similar to the way antimatter and matter are flowing in and out of the 3rd density core of the Sun from the quantum side. And then with the massive explosions deep in the interior are pushing with convective force to the surface superheated elements that then sometimes subside and sink back into the interior in this roiling, boiling several million degree soup. These superheated elements include our metals in a much higher energy form, but the forms of our end products attune to those elements and thus become conduits for their energy, properties and traits. I decided to record these fluctuations. Here’s a little chart to illustrate the difference in parts-per-million (ppm) of nanoparticles over the course of four or five hours.

  • Osmium: 12 pm – 900 ppm | 1:30 pm – 1156 ppm | 3:30 pm – 420 ppm | 5 pm – 1350 ppm
  • Rhodium: 11:30 am – 390 ppm | 1:30 – 320 ppm | 3 pm – 714 ppm | 5 pm – 900 ppm

That’s just crazy. They seem to be constantly appearing and disappearing, much like quantum mechanics would describe the probabilistic actions of electrons blipping in and out of our existence.

Anyway…that’s probably long-winded enough for you, although the full discourse of alchemical knowledge would cover a hundred volumes. It’s a vast area of research and ancient science. We hope this has been enough background for you to make a decision on whether to step onto this very sophisticated and super high frequency path.

If you got to here, and clearly you did, thanks for reading!

— SB Crew








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