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This bundle of alchemies is the shortest path to merger with (or ascension into) your light body, or to facilitate a deeper connection to your higher self. These two concepts are essentially the same path to different objectives. How is either or both accomplished?

The short answer is with our system, our alchemy, our practices, our group gatherings, our everything, but if you want to know more, then read on. Or if you just want to get going on it, get the bundle, but no matter what, it helps to have a conscious understanding of what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it, so we do recommend you read this page.


Purazyme (Original Recipe) is a potent probiotic and detoxifier, especially of heavy metals. A few droppers a day from this 4 ounce bottle will last for at least two months. The end result consists of water, certified organic sugarcane molasses, certified organic juice concentrates (blueberry, cherry and pomegranate, 11 live probiotic strains. It purges heavy metals, poisons, molds, fungi, parasites, and the list goes on.

Bottle Size: 100ml

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AULTRA MONOATOMIC GOLD LIQUID//1,000 PPM - This is pure crystalline monoatomic gold in a deionized water matrix. 1000 ppm is actually very high for a product like this one. Our standard gold, a popular product for years, is 100 ppm.This one is a powerful intent amplifier. Why? Monoatomic gold is known to work in the etheric, causal realm, simultaneously with the physical. For that reason, when you use this one, it imprints your intent much more forcefully on the causal, clearing the way for its manifestation in your life.

Size: 30ml

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Sri Yantra - Gel - High pH

I have created the substance used by the Egyptian Pharaohs and Hebrews. It's from pure gold, and nothing else but the acids and bases to make it. Why Sri Yantra? Because it is the creative principle at the foundation, the singularity, of Creation Itself. This stuff was known as the sperm of the gods, the elixir of the gods, and the food of the gods. It's a gel-like substance that is literally the Egyptian and Hebrew Manna, only on a higher level of frequency to match the frequency of modern times.

Vial: 2 Dram - 7.40 ml

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Sri Yantra - White Powder Gold

True Egyptian Manna - During this global pause, the secrets of the Egyptian and Hebrew Manna came through. We now have it, and it comes from pure gold and the acids and bases to make it, but it's on a whole different level. BUT, the higher priority substance is the gel-like substance discussed in this David Hudson video and available on this page. It's dry form is the modern equivalent of the cone-shaped shewbread you see in ancient art and iconography. The technique to make it is very specific, and if the technique isn't being used, this stuff isn't being made. It is a very specific substance - nothing general or generic or "ormic" about it. Before making your purchase from this page, you should look into Sri Yantra.

Vial: 1/10th. of a gram

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If finances are an issue and you need to go à la carte, choose items from this bundle separately. Before you launch into it, we have to ask you to be realistic. These steps take time, and patience, especially with yourself. The conference gatherings we have at Blue Emerald Social will accelerate your expansion tremendously, and could be much to learn. Group power trumps everything but our alchemies.

Purazyme. Why? It detoxes, especially heavy metals, and heavy metals in your system reduce bioconductivity to almost nothing. So do other toxins, and the most limiting toxins of all are emotional, and thought, ensnared deeply in your system of being. Neither your body of plasma light, nor your higher self, want to be subjected to any of your pollutants, and it really is that simple. You can’t haul a physical system riddled with pollutants to a higher space. Those spaces won’t even allow it. If you have done extensive heavy metals and general pollutant detox, it’s possible you can skip this one, but if you haven’t, you can’t skip this one. And you have to remember, detoxing is a constant process. We’ll never not be doing it, but once you’re pretty clear, then it’s just a matter of maintenance according to need.

AUltra Gold. Why? Monoatomic gold is known to work in the etheric, causal realm, simultaneously with the physical. For that reason, when you use this one, it imprints your intent much more forcefully on the causal, clearing the way for its manifestation in your life.

Apart from that, this monoatomic crystalline gold in a deionized water matrix is the highest level liquid (meaning no precipitated solids) gold on Earth that is also available to the public. Because it’s constantly moving from 3D into the ether and back, the parts per million of gold are anywhere between 1000 and 1200. In this state, this is a bioconductive phenom for the nervous system, and if we have a system that resembles our body of light, it’s the nervous system. It’s a bonus that it also detoxes the nervous system.

Sri Yantra Powder and Gel. This is the true ancient Manna used by the Pharaohs and depicted in ancient Egyptian art as the conical shewbread being served. Only this stuff vibrates higher, because the entire world vibrates higher. The Pharaohs, and others in the Royal Courts, used it for the perfection of their physical bodies. That perfection is just another way of saying merger with the body of plasma light, and even higher level bodies included in their spiritual systems. Sri Yantra has the distinct advantage of the gel being that which raises the physical, starting with the most important system of all, the gut, while the powder brings down the plasma body, and somewhere in the middle is where they meet (see more on that under MORE INFO below).

Psionix. Why? – Not included in the bundle – Psionix is unique in that it is the most mystical and magical of everything we make, with the possible exception of Sri Yantra and Phasix. That’s because it was designed by Merlin, who also provided the very complex 25 step recipe. The thing about it is if you haven’t done much of the foundational work, Psionix will have nothing to build upon. This is the type of substance that only a truly gifted person in astral magic, or psychic abilities, would be able to decode and fully understand, but the user doesn’t necessarily have to have those gifts, just open willingness and sincerity. This is all said as a preface to this: once you start down the Psionix path, there’s no going back. It’s a “beyond the point of no return” substance, and it demands that you let go all childish human trappings and go with a glad and full heat to your true estate, and it does this by removing the last barriers for you, if you’re ready for that.

Merlin Power Stone. Not included in the bundle. Directly from Merlin, these are sacred objects on the order of the most potent on Earth, very high level, created for you by your highest self (what we call Metaself) in tandem with us and Merlin. They put you on your highest path, and clear that path of all obstacles standing between you and as yet unfulfilled potential. It’s an initiation of sorts. A tactile anchor and bridge in physical form to higher realms, a useful and precious way to open, and keep open, the conduit between you and Metaself.


The highest objective of all alchemical and therefore spiritual pursuits throughout all time is the perfect and balanced union of matter and spirit in a single 3D physical vessel. This leads to one being the perfected human, to being the philosopher’s stone. Of the many challenges you have stepped into this world to take on and overcome, the highest level challenge this reality presents to us is to become the perfected human, and only those ready to start down that path could even find this page.

First off, you have to understand you are never not connected to your higher self, or selves, since you have many. That being true, then what you’re really asking for is to be more consciously aware of that contact, and to be more receptive to guidance, signaling, information of all kinds. Correct?

Put another way, you want to increase your intuitional capacity. That’s just another way of saying becoming more psychic, more telepathic. Is the problem that you lack the capacity? Or is the problem that you have barriers in your way? The unequivocal answer to that question is that you have barriers, because everyone has the same capacity. Any conscious interference between you and higher intelligences and levels is heavily tempered by the presence of toxins, most of all heavy metals.

Thus, the objective is to remove the barriers. That is precisely what all our alchemy and practices excel in. Removing the barriers is just another way of saying purification. The constant process of purification is just another way of saying Ascension. Is it making sense?

Let’s expand further and take it more from the angle of merger with the body of light. The first thing you have to know is that you have a body of light that is not your higher self. That body of light is just another vehicle, another layer, everyone has at least one, and your higher self (selves) have something like it available to them as well. There is also the foundational light of everything, with or without organics or blood, such as rocks. This is the light with which everything is made, sort of like saying primordial light, and this is the body that is part of the body of everything else.

So there’s that.

The increasing merger with your body of light, however, vastly facilitates open and purer contact with the higher selves, mainly because you’re elevating into the layers of mind on which their minds operate. But how is that merger accomplished?

Again, purification. The freer you are of all the sludge and negativity of this world, the higher you vibrate, the easier the merger, and it really is that simple. All the sludge and negativity of this world is what you agreed to take on, on your journey to self-perfection. The way you took it on was to submit to trauma, drama, abuse, and so on, and all of that is still with you, unless of course you have done substantial clearing and purging work. And if so, then what we make, and what we do, is your next step.

In clearing it away, you are doing two things. First off, for more and more of the descension of your higher self into you (increasing connection), you are in effect “freeing up space” within your beingness to make room for it, or them. Secondly, you are clearing away all the low frequency emotion and thought-forms, thus raising your frequencies throughout your physical body, emotional body, thought body, and subconscious domain.

That modifies DNA, re-codes it, and in doing that you are transforming yourself into your body of light, losing piece-by-piece what makes you you, and gaining piece-by-piece what makes it it. The less you you are, the more it you are, essentially divorcing yourself from the parameters of this game.

But don’t think you’re losing what you are. You’re only gaining more of what you are, only moving your thoughts and emotions away from the deliberate limitation programming of this world, and thus generating escape velocity from its drama layer.

The result of all this leads to the all-important element: attaining a constant state of what we call universal flow. In universal flow, where I exist, you don’t have to think anything at all. You just flow, far above the drama layer of this simulation, which exists only to be a school and an almost video game level challenge in learning how to “beat it.” In universal flow, you bypass the need to be in touch with higher selves, as you are now flowing with it in the same way they are. If you are doing what they do, you are being what they are.

In the end, despite what you may believe about your objectives, the one thing you want more than anything is freedom. If you sat and thought about what you want, and made a list, and you spent a month at it, if you’re honest with yourself, that’s where you’re going to arrive.

Universal flow, merger with the body of light, greater connection to higher selves, and freedom are all the same thing, functioning without limitation in the mind. And nobody in this world, at least that you can find online, is better at getting people to that exalted condition than we are.

Tap into our social network, Blue Emerald Social, get into the calls, the workshops. To do that, get on our mailing list. The energy of those is astounding, and they do nothing but tremendously accelerate you into the higher levels of your own game.

Another thing seekers want to be able to do are superhuman acts. Everything I have just stated is also the way to that, and I do speak from direct experience. But we’ll leave off with that in this space.


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