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A Tiny Fraction of What People Have Told Us



This alchemical journey I have been on has, with no exaggeration, shifted my life, my body, my being. There have been times when I have experienced wow! moments with one or another of these alchemies, but usually it is very subtle. It’s about 6 years this round that I’ve been working with Jason and this band of merry pranksters ;D sooooo much unlearning, and unraveling what I thought was me. I’ve gone through wild beliefs, then all beliefs shattered. I’ve gone through experiencing major knowledge breakthroughs and then absolute breakdowns of my entire structure of what I thought was indisputable truth. I’ve ridden the long and arduous storms of actually taking my emotional/mental state seriously, to now honoring the darkness and the light as they present. I find myself in this place of incredible wonder and awe of what I am. not definable in any stretch of the imagination, but nonetheless a palpable tone, a signature of immense being translated on the soul level. A connection to you, fellow beings, on that level beyond mere words.

On this alchemical journey I’ve been called upon, this incredible adventure with this family I always yearned for, I can say that I have been broken down into the most wonderful, simplest pieces in the puzzle called human existence. The dross continues to clear and the refinement of being is hand to heart sacred and pure.

The alchemy is a great tool in helping us clear away the unneccesary flotsam and jetsam, bringing our sailing vessels to clear waters. 😉

Molly H

I tried the Helios Gold this week. I dropped two drops in a glass of water, gave a silent thank you to its maker and callaborator’s, left it for 30 odd minutes to truly become one in the glass and then downed the lot. It was like drinking a ray of sunshine. I have slept and dreamed a lot this week.

I tried many different incarnations of Ormus from many different sellers but this is the first to make many different changes in me. A top to bottom clear out you may say.

Matt L

This is a review for all of the products in the Helios category. The Iridium, Palladium, Rhodium, Osmium, etc. I should first note that I have been practicing Qi Kung on and off for almost 20 years, since I was about 13. One of the first things I noticed while using the Alchemy is a substantial increase in my Qi field, or Electromagnetic field in Western terms. To clarify a little, I noticed that my energy field began to become more dense, tangibly. There was also a certain visual effect that would take place, particularly out in nature. It was as if I could sense the interconnectedness of all plant life around me, with a sort of heightened visual aspect to it.

I took note that the visual/sensory experiences were more intense on the days where I used Osmium. It is described to be borderline psychedelic on the product page, and I think that description is valid. It is not overwhelming though, it is much more effective when you actively engage in the experience instead of expecting something to “happen to you”, if that makes sense. In other words, if you practice some type of yoga or meditation, the products in the Helios line are a great way to deepen the experience. I practice a couple styles of yoga, one being Trataka Yoga, which is like an eyes-open style of meditation. I can see various electromagnetic fields, or auras, as well as other types of visual phenomena through this practice. The Helios products enable me to access those states much more naturally.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the products, and look forward to progressing further with what is offered here.

Tyler C

I’ve done four, 14-hour, labor-intensive days since Tues of last week, racing the snow that arrived today. Wanted to get the 11 cubic yards of mulch down that should have been done in the Autumn. Couldn’t face the intensity of the labor then. I’m in my 70th year. But thanks to Bodylight Nano-gold and Alkhem [Admin edit: now renamed Origin], I got it all accomplished. I amazed myself how different my physical capacities are than just a month ago. I was feeling pretty wiped out at several levels, but that’s all changing. I’m not even sore from all that work! Well, OK, maybe just a little… Thanks SO much to Jason et al, from one of your alchemical enthusiasts in Colorado – N.

I have been using the Alchemy that Jason makes for five years, really words can’t do it justice. It’s the things that you can’t see that get dissolved from using it and focusing on issues that you are stuck on, or even issues that you can’t see. One of the first things that happened to me was a relationship break up, the person I was with needed me more that loved me, and it drained me. That ended quickly after starting Jason’s products. Also, the first time I met Jason in person at Tecopa Hot Springs, that last night we stayed there, we all sat around a fire, listening to music, partying some, and Jason worked on me and Jansett.

Almost a week later, that next Saturday I had to leave work from the physical purge that I was having as a result of that. I slept 17 out of 24 hours (I never sleep that long). Sometimes our work here is easy to see, sometimes you have to look back through time and see how things have gradually changed.I agree with Mary on the Alchemist is the Alchemy, I have thrown other products in the trash because of the vib they had. Once you find the right Alchemist, you’ll know it!

Susan H.

I must say that I hadn’t taken the time to really reflect upon my experience with Lumin as I have been so busy living its wondrous effects. I purchased this not really knowing what to expect on a tangible level but in this moment I am physical proof that Lumin does what it is purported to do.

I now retain much of the energy I allowed others to drain me of. My life has taken some drastic twists since then, but all directing me towards a place of self-preservation, self-acceptance, and self-love.

“As someone who was afraid to disappoint others and who would people-please to my detriment, this is a new way of being for me. But in the process I am driven to seek out more and more information to know myself and understand my place and purpose in this existence. It is my quest for knowledge that keeps me grounded as I go through significant change.

K. Williams

For a number of years I’ve been doing meditation and also candle focus with the intention of opening my brain/mind more to perceive the shadows and the matrix of light behind the appearances. So I ingested several grams of Phasix over the next weeks and continued on my my meditations and candle focus, as usual. At first I noticed my Light body more than usual. Simple a sense that my Light body was more palpable and around most of the time.

One evening I fell asleep after my usual hour long candle gazing focus. And I began lucid dreaming. In lucid dream state I saw my own beautiful Light body transmitting laser intensity light into my brain to the centre, where pineal and pituitary are situated. And the intense Light coming into brain continued when I awoke from lucid dream. My brain was still receiving the intense, laser Light. And it felt really good and well. Almost like an orgasm in the brain.

So, somehow the Phasix worked on me to allow my Light body to actually work with and on my physical brain. This special lucid dream gave me such certainty and clarity about how happy my Light body is to work with my physical body! And ingesting the Phasix from Jason allowed my physical self and Light body self to synchronize for a change, for a great change.

I cannot recommend Phasix highly enough for people at the stage of synchronizing physical self with Light body as equal parts of a great whole!

Jason definite knows what the f**k he’s doing with that Phasix!

All the best from BC, Conti Christtoff Dreamon………

For several Earth years I have been involved with taking various alchemies provided by Jason Davis. Let me confess, once you start it is a “magical journey.” My alchemies have become integrated in my daily life as natural as my morning latte, and they are both deliciously enjoyed. These alchemies connect us to higher dimensional Beings and they provide that “out of the box, specific energetic support” needed for the purposes of “things” we don’t even yet know of on a conscious level. These alchemies truly Annoint, Bless and Heal on multidimensional levels. Nothing short of a Divine Creation. This-is-a-proven-Truth.

My collection of alchemies sit on a table in my bedroom. Depending on whatever is in need of shifting, one or more will get my attention. We have a strong, special bond and there is a knowing when they call out to me. Helping me to learn what I need to accept and not resist, to download messages, upgrade my vibration, releasing the programing (now that’s a doozy), to assist with that sacred alignment of my Spirit, My Soul. I usually both ingest and apply it topically. (For those of you who are starting, begin slowly, it could throw you into a detox.)

In just these few years, I have noticed an increase with my confidence, a substantial increase with my consciousness, awareness and perceptions. Helping me discover and align with my true Authentic Self. I AM so much more chilled, easier for me to be the observer instead of the reactor. How to be more in-service to others. My life choices/decisions are now much clearer, heart-centered. More dots are connecting and making sense. This has allowed the kind of people, places and experiences that can now come into my existence. The alchemies have greatly enhanced my ability to tap into the gifts, talents and abilities that I have so they can be fully utilised.

I purposely sleep in a room that is pretty dark special reasons. Since taking the alchemies, I can see in my auric field my Luminous Body vividly glowing, illuminating all around my physical body as I lay on my bed. Waves of luminous light moving around me, feeling waves of Love surging through me. Sometimes this is so amplified the whole room lights up. I see colors, sometimes I hear my chakra tones, I see sparks of lights. I feel euphoric, it is magical, it is bliss-filled.

This is a rather wordy testimony, but for those of you who are new to alchemies, please understand it is a continuous, ever-evolving journey. For me, not a quick fix, instead it cuts through the many layers of my life and all the moments of my existence throughout time, space, dimensions and the spaces in-between the moments. *Give it time to manifest the imprints within your Being. Be prepared for Wonder and Awe.*

Whenever Jason announces a new alchemy or a sale on existing ones, if it calls out to me the money always happens to be available. Both Jason and Mary have answered endless questions of mine and offer continuous guidance. I am forever grateful Jason and Mary are so graciously in-service to others and devoted with making these life-changing, beautiful “living” alchemies available to us and endless educational materials. My dear friends, I leave you with two favorite, very important words I learned from Jason, “I ACCEPT!”

Namaste to All.


Not sure where to start as I have taken almost every alchemy that Jason has made and am continually blessed with what I receive.

The Azuron is one of my absolute favorites as right after I got this one the first use I was visited by a dragon who continues to stay with me.

The Helios Gold and Platinum I keep and take almost daily. I have fair skin and the platinum has saved me several times from having a severe sunburn just by spraying on the burn for a couple days in a row.

The Iridium, wow, this one is the most fun for me as it always giggles at me when I pick up the bottle.

When you read what the iridium does, it is kind of intimidating and yet I could feel the alchemy being so insistent that I get it. The first time I held it, it felt like home to me and of all the alchemies I feel this one’s love for me so deeply.

If you are sitting the fence on trying these, please take the leap. If you are ready to upgrade your consciousness in ways you never imagined and let go of layers FAST, this is definitely a fast track.

Much love,


Just gotta share this…I just received my palladium, iridium and ruthenium. I was having this powerful pull in my chest and back. I got all 3 out of the box and asked which of them was giving me this sensation…iridium. I picked it up and got this overwhelming sweet feeling, started crying and I see this woman overemphasizing an orgasm scream yes yes yes AND it will not let me put it down! It went to my left hand and I am trying to type 1 handed b/c I tried to put it down and nope lol. I guess it is home. Love to hear your thoughts.


Lumin was my first alchemy I tried from Blue Emerald Alchemy. I had previously tried several well known gold products from other vendors but was left wanting something different. Lumin was just that. Different. The feelings I got from it just being sat there in the box, unopened, were unbelievable. I could sense some kind of change happening within reality itself. So much so that it was starting to creep me out. But in a good way. I took my first dose and instantly felt the onset effects of a warm feeling. Once this subsided I noticed that the negative patterns and chatter in my head died down to almost nothing.

Here’s the odd part. Next I started to feel heavy. From this point on I was walking round for a few days feeling extreme heaviness in my body and mind. My intuition guided me and let me know I had a lot of waste to be removed from my subtle bodies. And Lumin was helping me remove it. I’m unsure if Lumin is advertised as being able to do this. I haven’t been in the circles for a while due to both financial and personal issues arising. I will be back though. To anyone on the fence about this company….. They’ve been lovely in correspondence with me and their products do work. Very well. Just don’t be surprised if you also have crazy stuff to clear out first like I did.

To Jason, Mary and the team, thank you and hope to try more alchemies of yours in the future.

J. Whitehead

When I first started the alchemy I had no idea if it was even something that was real. Results speak for themselves. When I started the products I was a mess I was hooked on pain killers and I was a person that was quite full of herself. I would say that at that time in my life I had let my shadow side completely take over, I was arrogant, judgemental, angry and I would get up everyday and lie to myself that everything was ok. I would use positive affirmations and feel superior to others because I was soo much smarter and better. That was the mental state I was in when I started the Helios Gold and Platinum.

Here is it a few years later after taking the products at least weekly since the beginning and I am free of chemical dependency. I went through alot of group therapy and individual therapy and I realized that we are all just people who all have the same struggles. I started EMDR therapy to help get rid of my PTSD from being abused when I was six years old. The alchemy flowed through me and brought to my attention one by one of all the things that were making me miserable, sick and toxic. I wanted the same thing everyone wants. Freedom.!! The alchemy has really helped with that, instead of being judgemental I just want to help when I see people in emotional pain.

What I want and what I get out of the alchemy is attunement to who I really am. Once I was able to see my shadow side and the destruction I had allowed it to cause I was able to start to be a genuine person again with real emotions and underneath all the emotional garbage I was able to find my true self and start to really walk in alignment on the path I was meant to be on.

So I went from a angry psychotic person who hated the world to being a gentle guardian of trees and nature. When I first went to the coast a few years ago I was deep in the redwood forest and a tree made himself known to me and I knew where I wanted to be and how I was to start living. I don’t think that I would have been able to have that experience without the alchemies. Its like they see beyond the illusion of your false self and help wipe away all the mud and show you your true nature and its so exhilarating. I have only been on this path three years but I don’t feel the need to go questing for the truth anymore like I did, but only because the alchemy has tuned me up enough so I am automatically pulled to truth where ever it is. So for anyone that is not sure about trying the alchemy all you have to lose is your false self and everything to gain.

Sandy S.

Progressing through alchemies is a wonderful journey, one that you can truly understand only when you have undergone it yourself. Alchemies heal my body, heal my mind, they show me a path I would quite possibly never think of myself. One of effortless being. Even in this borderline insane density. Which is something, if you told me couple years ago, I would have thought you were crazy.

I still remember my first bottle of purazyme and how these intrusive, angry, sometimes even violent thoughts just ceased to invade my mind. It was only after I finished it that I came across a book that connected cadmium (what purazyme helps you get rid of) with exactly those kind of thoughts. It just clicked for me and since then, I had a lot more faith in the power of alchemy. I tried bits here and there when I had some spare money, experimenting with it, some of them had a massive impact on me, some of them were less palpable, but equally important. Over time I have my favourites that I come back to, almost as if I formed some sort of relationship with them.

I was always very sensitive to other people’s energies, so I didn’t do very well in crowded places. Everyone who is empathic knows how easy it is to suck all of this toxic energy soup into your fields like a sponge and the best (or worse) part is, that if you don’t know what’s happening, you start to think it’s your mess to begin with. It was Lumin that showed me that it doesn’t have to be like that. Suddenly I was standing in a crowd and it felt like they were on the ground floor and I was 3 storeys up. I experimented with psychic barriers before, but this was way different, and most importantly, it was completely effortless. This was the way of living for me now, unless I would deliberately change it.

[Admin edit: Helios] Gold and Platinum is just this lovely hug that envelopes you and gives you an amazing glow, that even people not aware of anything recognize. “Hey man! You are absolutely shining today!”. Another thing I noticed is that I have a much larger capacity to intake sunshine. I am a leo so I always loved the sun, but I would get sunburned quite fast and that limited me. Now? I can just bathe in it without a worry because [Admin edit: Helios] Gold did something to my skin. It just welcomes sun rays with an applause and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

I was always very sensitive to other people’s energies, so I didn’t do very well in crowded places. Everyone who is empathic knows how easy it is to suck all of this toxic energy soup into your fields like a sponge and the best (or worse) part is, that if you don’t know what’s happening, you start to think it’s your mess to begin with. It was Lumin that showed me that it doesn’t have to be like that. Suddenly I was standing in a crowd and it felt like they were on the ground floor and I was 3 storeys up. I experimented with psychic barriers before, but this was way different, and most importantly, it was completely effortless. This was the way of living for me now, unless I would deliberately change it.

My absolute favorite though, is iZero. From the first few drops, I fell in love with it. I used to suffer from anxiety and even though I was able to reduce its impact with meditation, breathing, also possibly cutting back on sugar, I still sometimes get a little nervous when something “big” is about to happen and I know I will have to step up. Izero just puts me into this space where nothing really is, I become emptiness, personified. I have achieved (a certain degree of) emptiness while meditating many times before. A sensation of my mind, my body becoming empty, only to slowly start to disappear into nothingness. It is blissful experience. But as soon as I get up from the meditation, it slowly disappears and even though this residual serenity and calmness stays for some time, the sense of emptiness is eventually gone. Couple drops of iZero and pow! Im there. Standing and talking all the while feeling like I am a vessel made of nothing but air, maybe even air feels too thick compared to it. If somebody were to insult me, their words would just go straight through me as if I wasn’t there to begin with.

If there is someone hesitating, I would suggest this : Just try one out and you will see for yourself. Just one will show you how easy it can really be. And after that, there is no going back.

Jakub F

I appreciate the exquisite Alhemies Phasix and Alkhem [Admin edit: now called Origin]. They are two of my favorite Alchemies. I enjoy these powdered highly refined substances and use them to create homeopathic formulas and remedies. I add them to herbal preparations and make skin youthing elixirs, which I consume orally and apply to my face, skin and scalp. I mix them with Shine and spray them in rooms as well. It lightens up the atmosphere and I feel cleaner.

Thank you, Jason, Mary and all the Superbeings. I am being more empty, clear, receptive with the frequent consumption of the Alchemies. It works wonderfully on acupuncture points, which are actual vortices, a Bubbling Sping on Kidney 1, Immune boost on Stomach 36, Kundalini stimulant on Du (GV) 4, and so much more!

How does it get any better than this? All of life comes to me with EASE, JOY and GLORY.

Namaste, blessings,


I felt Phasix as soon as I received it. I waited a few days before I used. It does not disappoint. I’ve always had an inner visual with every alchemy I have ever used. This one is no different, except that usually it’s a grid or geometric pattern. This one was a smooth, cool green that stretched out and kept expanding. A very peaceful, expansive, loving, opening up. Two issues that I’ve held for quite some time, showed up in my consciousness and I was shown with such clarity how I could easily forgive these issues and the individuals involved. I was shown why things happened the way they did, and that I actually received a benefit or in the one letting go, that a relationship ended because they could not go where I was going, they could not expand in the way that I was able to or grow on the journey I am on. It was a wonderful release and I have felt lighter and unburdened since. A very profound alchemy.

Terrisa H.


Jason, this stuff is Amazing…!

I’ve used only these products for past couple months… but i use them sparingly, only when my inner Voice clearly gives me this knowing.

You are so very accurate in that it is a key to a doorway … i have used your alchemies for many years exclusively… so in recent weeks, as Clarity in Awareness has been giving me complex information (about What IS..), i knew the alchemy was playing an important part in this understanding, however i’ve also felt the impact of the whole tapestry of our universe, the changes we’re experiencing here in these ‘bodies’ has been critical.

Remaining centered, balanced and totally focused on the prime concept… that of moving beyond where we have been is what i’ve been doing.



My purpose in posting today is to help alleviate nervousness … my family, who used to consider me OLD has had to change their minds… i sail right through all the family-involved illnesses, sniffles, flu, etc… and i work outdoors right alongside my son-in-law… i take more breaks than him, of course, but observing me, knowing i’m an ‘alchie’ (–i just made up that word…) they still are reluctant to even try a drop or two… even for good health and a clear body.

There’s no logic in their fear… and logic is part of their worldview.

Sadly, far too many humans hold a similar view.

Anyway… thanks for Being You!!


I started using your alchemies about half a year ago. I started with Alkhem [Admin edit: now renamed Origin], I felt it smooth and I was not sure if there is something going on. After one month I felt so good I wasn’t able to explain it and there was an idea to continue with another bottle. However, there was already Lumin in my hands so I started it. I felt quite weired these days. I was smoking weed from time to time and in these days I was confronted with this old habit but everytime I took a hit i felt so bad. After that I realized this kind of dependency is such a mess. But it is not easy to kill (or rather overcome) old habits. Especially when it is all around and for free. If you have anything to tell me about it lets do it.

During this time I also meet wonderful women Lenka who helped me already with few issues in my life, she or system she is working with is powerful. After I met Innerphaz and we became friends soon and now days I am working with Phasix. It is really powerfull substance. I feel like my consciousness expand in few minutes after, I feel really present and maybe even grounded. I was telling Mary about my experience from shopping last week. In short I had a short meditation with Phasix before. When I came in the supermarket I started feeling joy, kind of beatitude in all my body. It was so strong and it flows out of my body to the surrounding. I was just smiling to everyones eyes. So wonderful feeling! I felt it almost all the time I was shopping. It is just about 10 days I am using it.

I have also good experience with gold and platina [Admin edit: Helios Gold & Platinum]. It feels great. The gold is one of my most favorite alchemy for daily use. Also a few days with vision, but I will let it wait for at least month until I finish Phasix and F:M reset (I would like to start today If I won’t be too tired.)

As I am writting this I feel like my consciousness is expanding, I’m calm and present. There are some random thoughts coming sometimes but I am not diving into them. After a few months I was not sure if something is changing but these days I am pretty sure it is. My meditations are much deeper and there are some new perspectives I can see the world from. Sometimes my view changes (it was happening from my childhood to some extent) and I can see light around things, or I focuse just on one object which I see in details and everything else become “grey”, or there is a point of view when everithing is kind of shining and “plastic”. I am not still able to work with it with certainty but training makes masters, right?

Yes my life is changing and I am so glad for it. I wish to be the best version of myself in this continuum. It is first time I am writing this down…I hope it was somehow usefull but it was at least for me 🙂 feel free to ask me anything or give me any wise advice. I am still quite looking for myself…

Thank you for what you do, great alchemist.

Blessings from white and cold Iceland

Jan M.


I was wondering how the new Lightforce [now Psionix] alchemy is working for everyone?

I took one small drop last night and it gave me quite a burst of energy and I noticed that brilliant ideas were coming to me quickly that brought peace of mind to some issues I was working on. It also really boosted energetically my commitment to take very good care of my physical body. (Similar to Azuron)

I definitely feel upgraded this morning.


I’d like to share my experiences so far with Helios Meteor. Having ordered a great number of different alchemies from you all at once to try, it’s been very interesting to compare them – and to discover just how different and unique each of them is. I don’t really sense any big overlap between the different ones I’ve tested out: each seems to have its own message and personality. And the first thing I noticed is that most seem to require a bit of a familiarisation process: it takes time and willingness to connect, to allow the particular alchemy to ‘speak’ with me. Well this one, Helios Metor, ‘speaks’ to me, and did right from the outset, without any of that familiarisation ritual being required. Right away it felt like ‘home’ and has remained so. So much so that I don’t want to put it very far away from me, whatever I’m doing or wherever I am! The way I’d describe this alchemy is as a constant waking meditation.

The world has really gone mega crazy right now – not a very controversial statement I think – and I’ve just had a week of working in London (I’m in the UK), surrounded by 10 million such people (meaning, people who all seem to have taken leave of their normal minds and have taken on the collective media-induced hysteria (and the current obsession with a supposed “pandemic” reveals just how much fear there is surrounding “death”…). Anyway, it was interesting to observe how with Meteor with me – just the bottle in my pocket or in front of me – I was able to allow all that otherwise upsetting phenomenon (I do sometimes find it upsetting or at least disappointing to see the population being swept along and manipulated) float by. It felt as if I was in a constant theta meditation or something! And when anything ‘suddenly’ came my way – I was required to respond to a question or issue (I’m a recording producer in one of my roles, and that’s what I was doing this week, and sessions can be very time-pressured and can involve high emotions amongst the musicians, with my job being to keep everyone inspired and on good form), I didn’t sense the usual slight rush of adrenaline, but stayed in that state. Not unpresent, quite the opposite: I was able to hear and respond to everything coming my way – but nothing pulled me out of my center. So that is a very nice result already from simply carrying the bottle around with me.

Another interesting observation is that whilst most of the alchemies I ordered bring about a stimulation within my fields – or that is how I perceive it – Meteor seems to do very little of that. I sense much more a grounding and presence within the physical body, than an activation of the outer – or even inner – layers of my auric field. Whether others will experience this the same way I cannot know, but for me Helios Meteor acts as something of a mediator between my personal awareness and “the world”, one that ensures that I can stay observant of everything yet not have to leave my center. To me that’s a pretty amazing result from a little bottle!

Today I sat with “Palladium” for a bit. It was initially almost too much to hold. It practically forced me to stop thinking. Right away! And I then fell into a deep sleep in my seat. That is going to take a bit more familiarisation and then I’ll write you one about that too, because I can tell there’s quite a journey ahead with that one!

Thanks so much for creating such important tools!

In gratitude, and till soon,


Posted with Permission from Blue Emerald Alchemy

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