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For a base, this is made from the high monoatomic content desert material used for Origin, blended with Dead Sea Salt used in Nova, both in fairly unconcentrated solutions. What makes this special is below, and what is there written might strike you as pretty out there, although most people close to me know what I’m capable of, and I know what R Lee is capable of.

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I’m a powerful healer, and often work on a global scale. So are others I’m associated with. At any given time, I might be working on as many as five people. You might say I’m also a reality cheat code. One of our superseers, R Lee, is equipped in much the same way. We operate WAAAY up there when we want to, and when we team up, look out.

I had a strong impression one day to use a simple programmable matrix like the two base substances in the first paragraph, and then I was to “hit” the liquid with what I have, and then R Lee was to also. We did. Like the alchemy, he and I can operate outside linear time, and so we went ahead and put the next two full moons and April’s total solar eclipse into it, and how that translates to your use is entirely up to you and your guides.

After it was birthed and settling into what it was to become, we took a look at it, and what stands out about it is that it has no ceiling. It will forever adjust upwards for the user, so it’s one, like others around here, that can be used indefinitely. The second thing is that it examines what you need, and brings it, and less physically than etherically. With intelligences that operate on this level, the holistic and positive outcome of etheric to physical is nearly guaranteed, the only obstacle being you.

So, in short, don’t be surprised at a healing of this or that, but being triggered and cascading from a much deeper place, as DEEP healing of traumatic densities is what it will do in response to cleansing, adjusting, balancing, and if necessary, charging up your outer fields. In doing that, it makes your organization of being much less susceptible to new low vibe accumulations, often in spite of you and your own habits of expression.

Since this one is highly adjustable and programmable, most of what it can do is very specific to you, so there’s just not a lot more to be said about it. You’ll have to fill us in on what it’s doing. If you’re unable to see that, let us know and we’ll look into you and see what’s up.

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