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Have you ever thought about the ‘Spiritual Goals‘ of your life?

Well, while thinking about your life goals, what does come into your mind? Making money, buying your home, or maybe having a perfect body…

Isn’t it? But do you know what you were actually looking for while thinking about these?

The answer is – ‘Happiness’. Yes! Indeed we try to achieve something subtle, something internal via these external factors. And this is why we find it so difficult to get this simplest thing, that is, happiness or fulfillment.

To begin, the secret of happiness lies inside us. And all we need is to take a journey inwards for its realization. This is why we need Spiritual Goals to be set for this journey.


“When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

– Rumi 

Let’s start it now!

Spiritual Goals are the goals or intentions that one has to discover the true meaning and purpose of life in relation to the greater whole. These help you in understanding the meaning of your existence, of everything around you, and by and by the real purpose of your life. In other words, spiritual goals are the objectives that help us to come closer to the divine mysterious power which is present in all of us as in the cosmos.

Of course, for different people, this Divine Power is understood differently. Some might call it God while others may refer to it as the subtle form of living energy. However, the purpose remains the same for all… It is to connect to that divine power and thus, to realize the true meaning of one’s existence.

Like, among most of the religions, this inner realization is believed to be achieved by adopting certain ways to lead a spiritual life. These life ways may include embracing the positivity of life, to love others, to be compassionate, and to practice deeds that provide inner peace.

In Spite of this, one might wonder …

Why are Spiritual Goals Important in Life? 

Often, we simply miss the point of making our own spiritual goals. The reason being – we think it to come itself. Well, nothing in life comes without your willingness to embrace it. To make it clearer, here are the reasons why you need spiritual goals in your life –

1. To Gain a Deeper Understanding of Yourself

To Gain a Deeper Understanding of Yourself

Catching a cab, attending meetings, exercising in the gym, or sleeping in your lounge – is that all you? Well, no! So who are You? Indeed, many of us come across this question. And the answer can’t be a profession like Doctor nor a relationship status like a father, a daughter, etc. Spiritual goals answer this to make you find your inner one not your external reflections.

2. To Figure Out the Relation of Broader World with Oneself

To Figure Out the Relation of Broader World with Oneself

Often we tend to remain in prison when the door is wide open. And the door to explore the world, the nature, the cosmos, and everything beyond it is Spirituality. Setting your own spiritual goals help you in understanding this broader connection. Of course, this is a crucial step in living your life to the fullest!

3. Spiritual Goals Help in Boosting the Health and Well being of One’s Body

Spiritual Goals Help in Boosting the Health and Well being of One’s Body

Many researches and studies have reported from time to time that spirituality and religious beliefs have very positive effects on one’s health and well being. In fact, experts have found a clear link between spirituality and healing. Thus, adopting spiritual goals can be a good initiative for your overall health too.

4. Spiritual Goals help in Expanding One’s Compassion Sphere 

Spiritual Goals help in Expanding One’s Compassion Sphere

Compassion is what makes us humane. Otherwise the world would not be a beautiful place to live. The same goes for one’s life too. Having a larger compassion sphere helps us in connecting positively with others. And spiritual goals help us in this beautiful path.

5. For the Health of one’s Mind, Spirit, and Soul 

For the Health of one’s Mind, Spirit, and Soul

All of us are burdened with various chaos of life. Be it worries, stress, conflicts, depression, etc., all these cage down our mind, spirit, and soul. This is why we often feel so confined, restrained or craving for liberty. And spirituality helps us in gaining that freedom by liberating our energies from the physical restraints to the subtle realizations or to the path of Nirvana.

6. Good for One’s Mental and Emotional Well being

Good for One’s Mental and Emotional Well being

Many studies have found that those who believe in the existence of someone or something Divine Supreme are much healthier in later lives in terms of their mental and emotional health and stability than those who don’t. In fact, spiritual beliefs are found to increase one’s resilience ability too. And this belief can be embraced by acquiring certain spiritual goals.

7. Finding a New Perspective to Solve Life Problems 

Finding a New Perspective to Solve Life Problems

Life throws lemons to all of us. But not every time a lemonade can be made out of it. Some problems require deeper interventions. And in these stances when everything seems utterly dark, spirituality can guide us to find alternative solutions to these worldly problems.

Thus, spiritual goals are not restricted to attain something out of the world. Instead, it is a vital part of our daily lives and little moments of peace and love. Now, it is important to understand …
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