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The holy grail of immune system support, our patented spray formula improves energy and strengthens immunity. This plant-based, five-ingredient emulsion containing nano policosanol delivers a safe, revolutionary method of helping the body restore key biological functions.

NANO SOMA Immune Spray adapts to the body with consistent supplementation. Take 5 sprays daily under the tongue or as directed. For non-everyday users, spray at first sign of feeling depleted or unwell.

Bottle Size: 25ml

Max. 2 bottles  p/customer due to limited stock availability (Free Shipping)

Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA or MHRA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.For medical advice, please consult your doctor.


£ 66.00
Organic Anti-Aging Serum

This USDA Certified Organic Anti-Aging Serum is an exclusive formula of extreme antioxidants featuring a revolutionary blend of Vitamin A from Organic Astaxanthin, perfectly combined with highly concentrated Vitamins C super fruits. This serum delivers a delicious blend of organic oils that offer the skin unparalleled anti-aging skin benefits.
Formulated with Camu Camu berry, a potent ancient super fruit from the Amazon, it provides thirty times more Vitamin C per ounce than an average orange, allowing it to penetrate deep into the skin to enhance collagen production, correct the appearance of uneven skin tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Blended with Vitamins A, D & E to revitalize skin & combat free radicals.

Type: For All Skin Types

Recommended Use: Evening

Size:  1 fl oz/30ml

£ 45.00
Organic Cleanser

Utilizing ancient knowledge, this extraordinary USDA Certified Organic Gel Cleanser contains unique botanicals, resurfacing enzymes, and powerful antioxidants that protect and repair the skin. Over time, it restores your skin’s youthful vitality and radiance.

Gentle and all-natural, the Organic Gel Cleanser is everything you could want in a facial cleanser. Not only does it, deep clean, remove impurities, unclog pores and detoxify the skin, it  actively improves your skin, thanks to an all-star lineup of ancient organic ingredients like Vitamin C-rich Amalaki Fruit Extract.

Type: For All Skin Types

Recommended Use: Morning and Evening

1.7fl oz/50ml

£ 33.00
Organic Moisturiser

This USDA Certified Organic Moisturizer consists of a light formula good for all day protection and hydration. Fortified with concentrations of organic Vitamin C from the ancient Amalaki fruit, known to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, lighten and brighten skin tones. It also has super antioxidant levels that provide free-radical protection against damage for the environment. It’s second key ingredient, Aloe Vera, has been used in traditional herbal medicine for centuries.

Type: For All Skin Types

Recommended Use: Morning and Evening

Size:  1.7fl oz/50ml

£ 37.50
Organic Toner

This USDA Certified Organic Toner is made with Organic Rose Water, Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Amalaki and Organic Aloe Vera, no added fragrance or toxic chemicals.

A Rose Water based toner has been used for centuries in the Middle East as part of a healthy beauty routine.

Type: For All Skin Types

Recommended Use: Morning and Evening

Size: 4 fl/120ml

£ 28.00
Origin (Powder)

For all spiritual-seeker levels. Get this one if you’re new to ingestible alchemical products, or if you would like to take full advantage of our graduated expansion system, which is the most efficient and no-brainer way to go. Don’t let the Starter thing fool you. This is powerful stuff. The alternative starter to this one is Lumin, and sometimes Origin, and then Lumin, is a great way to go. Use your intuition!

Vial: 1 gram

£ 39.00

Puratin is from pure tin made in the same way the pure Manna, Sri Yantra, is made using gold. It’s an ancient process, predating even Ancient Egypt. The geometric structure of the given metal is what brings through its full range of multi-density (as opposed to multidimensional) properties from all the many perceptual frequencies on which it exists.

Maybe you’re aware that tin is one of the most mysterious and potent of all alchemical metals, which is why it was metaphorically represented in the form of the Tin Man in one of the most alchemically symbolic movies ever made, The Wizard of Oz. Interestingly, the Tin Man’s heart was his issue, and this alchemy has much to do with the heart, hidden chambers, the chakra, upgrades to the resonances, and the list will go on as our users discover all it can do on their own and report back to us.

Vial Size: 1/2 gram (2-3 months supply)

£ 54.00
PURE NAD - 12g

NAD, or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is a coenzyme found in all living cells, and it’s required for the fundamental biological processes that make life possible. But NAD levels decline as we age. NAD has two general sets of reactions in the human body: helping turn nutrients into energy as a key player in metabolism and working as a helper molecule for proteins that regulate other biological activity.

Increased NAD levels stimulate energy metabolism, DNA repair, and Sirtuin activity. Sirtuins are the longevity-genes shown to be active during caloric restriction and life-extension in many animal models.

  • Boosts Energy Metabolism
  • Promotes Healthy Brain and Cardiovascular Function
  • Anti-Ageing DNA Repair
  • SIRTUIN Activator – NAD is required for our longevity genes to work.
£ 39.00
Helios Gold

Monoatomic Gold – This is nothing but pure structured water and gold. It’s alchemically made from 99.999% pure gold in a process quite different than those to make any of the other products here. The gold has been alchemically modified to be in nanoparticle crystalline form, in what is technically referred to as a monodisperse suspension. It’s great for starting on your alchemical path.

Bottle Size: 30ml

Buy 2 Bottles for £66 or 3 Bottles for £87

£ 39.00
Helios Platinum

Monoatomic Platinum – This form of platinum, like gold, is to set the tone, establish a foundation, and begin increasing the body’s frequencies and qualities of energies, of which there are many. Platinum is sort of this age’s gold, and has astonishing health benefits. Many of our users continue using this as a nutritional supplement on an ongoing basis. These also start peeling back the karmic layers and get in there to start dislodging and releasing all that old toxic stuff…in fact, all these alchemies bring about the release of everything that is no longer needed.

Bottle Size: 30ml

Buy 2 Bottles for £66 or 3 Bottles for £87

£ 39.00

Step 3 – Another beautiful, but a little less gentle (than Lumin – Step 2) being. This is where the deep clearing work starts. Origin and Lumin got you going with more surface stuff, but IPhaz now knows you’re prepared to take a more significant jump. You might intellectually know there is a universe raging just beyond your conscious reach, but becoming more aware of it with your inner/higher senses is a whole different story. Once this barrier is crossed it can open a doorway to new vistas of wonder as your higher path begins to emerge, with a refresh of everything in your world.

Bottle Size: 30ml

Buy 2 Bottles for £66 or 3 Bottles for £87

£ 39.00
Juva Energy

Juva is a physical performance machine, and works spectacularly well for anyone who needs their brain functioning at peak performance for any purpose, especially multitasking, memory, focus, clarity, even mental power. The entire nervous system is tonified, even upgraded, from its use.

Bottle Size: 100ml

Buy 2 Bottles for £54 or 3 Bottles for £72

£ 32.00

Step 2 – Made from evaporated sea water taken from 2200 feet below the ocean surface off of Kona, Hawaii. If you’re familiar with the prehistoric civilization of Lemuria, which was in the Pacific Ocean, it has that Lemurian vibe all over it. It’s taken from near a volcanic vent, so it’s extremely rich in monatomic elements.

The first thing Lumin does is balance your subtle bodies, causing alignments that are conducive to further density clearing, building on Origin by going deeper. Then begins the flow of information specific to you, an increasing quantity and quality.

Bottle Size: 30ml

Buy 2 Bottles for £66 or 3 Bottles for £87

£ 39.00

Step 4 – This beautiful pure white alchemy (it’s purity is completely beyond this realm) materialized out of nowhere (true story), directly on the heels of IPhaz. The use of IPhaz was the key for me to open a secret library of alchemical processes to make it. Although platinum and gold are still being used in Phasix as the geometric gateways and bridges to what is to come, we’re told that what it contains are substances that are not of Earth and there are no Earth terms which can be applied to these cosmic elemental presences.

Bottle Size: 30ml

Buy 2 Bottles for £83 or 3 Bottles for £110

£ 49.00

This is actually a very powerful and high-level alchemy, but can be used effectively by anyone. It resulted from a lengthy and complex alchemical process that “cured” for about 8 months. It gets in there and re-aligns everything that is wonky about your energetic position in a flow of money. Money flows all over, its energy, its influence, and if you want a lot of it, you might have to re-align certain aspects of yourself in order to tap more fully into those flows.

Bottle Size: 30ml

Buy 2 Bottles for £66 or 3 Bottles for £87

£ 39.00

Shimmer’s primary purpose is to raise the frequencies of your composite being, meaning all your bodies and in some instances even higher selves, and to clear any deep and stubborn stuff that is left to clear. Clearing stuff is the same thing as raising your frequencies.

Its secondary purpose is happiness. Its third purpose is to afford you an opportunity that wouldn’t be presented without this alchemy. We’ll get into this last part below.

Bottle Size: 15ml

Buy 2 Bottles for £66 or 3 Bottles for £87

£ 39.00

This is as high a level of alchemy as there is in the world, at least that can be purchased and shipped. It doesn’t mean there won’t be higher ones down the road, because I never stop breaking through to higher levels. It’s what we would call a “turning point” alchemy, and once used, there is no going back. A very gifted seer we know calls it “one badass alchemy.”

Vial: 2/10th. gram

£ 39.00

* New Recipe*

Purazyme is a potent probiotic and detoxifier, especially of heavy metals. A few droppers a day from this 100ml bottle will last for at least two months. The end result consists of purified and structured water, propietary lactic acid cultures, organic honey, certified organic sugarcane molasses, mineral powder, sea salt, organic apple juice, 12 live probiotic strains. It purges heavy metals, poisons, molds, fungi, parasites, and the list goes on.

Bottle Size: 100ml

Buy 2 Bottles for £54 or 3 Bottles for £72

£ 32.00
Sri Yantra - Gel - High pH

I have created the substance used by the Egyptian Pharaohs and Hebrews. It’s from pure gold, and nothing else but the acids and bases to make it. Why Sri Yantra? Because it is the creative principle at the foundation, the singularity, of Creation Itself. This stuff was known as the sperm of the gods, the elixir of the gods, and the food of the gods. It’s a gel-like substance that is literally the Egyptian and Hebrew Manna, only on a higher level of frequency to match the frequency of modern times.

Vial: 2 Dram – 7.40 ml

£ 39.00
Sri Yantra - White Powder Gold

True Egyptian Manna – During this global pause, the secrets of the Egyptian and Hebrew Manna came through. We now have it, and it comes from pure gold and the acids and bases to make it, but it’s on a whole different level. BUT, the higher priority substance is the gel-like substance discussed in this David Hudson video and available on this page. It’s dry form is the modern equivalent of the cone-shaped shewbread you see in ancient art and iconography. The technique to make it is very specific, and if the technique isn’t being used, this stuff isn’t being made. It is a very specific substance – nothing general or generic or “ormic” about it. Before making your purchase from this page, you should look into Sri Yantra.

Vial: 1/10th. of a gram

£ 39.00

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