MERLIN Power Stones

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MERLIN Power Stones are custom-created power objects, like talismans, way more powerful than crystals, made for you, tuned to you, and overseen by your own higher self.

  • Clears your path of everything between you and Potential
  • Dissolve difficulties, smooth the bumps
  • Opens new doors and brings new opportunities
  • Makes everything flow with ease and grace
  • Unlimited support from awake people, good friends, family
  • These aren’t just symbols or crystals – they’re alive!

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A Merlin Power Stone could be called a talisman. They are sacred objects on the order of the most potent on Earth, very high level, created for you by your highest self (what we call Metaself) in tandem with myself and Merlin. They put you on your highest path, and clear that path of all obstacles standing between you and as yet unfulfilled potential. It’s an initiation of sorts. A tactile anchor and bridge in physical form to higher realms, a useful and precious way to open, and keep open, the conduit between you and Metaself.

Merlin Power Stones are made from a unique alchemical substance derived from a precise process given by Merlin (and his teacher) through psionic methods. That substance comes out the end of a 14 step process, and is a true old-school alchemical substance, belonging to the fifth phase of matter along the lines of the Stone of the Philosophers, which is a ceramic derived from metals. It’s then fired first with silver, then gold, then nickel and selenium, and then gold again, each firing at 2000 degrees. Then two more firings, one at 1500 degrees and one at 2000. They’re now almost always a burnished gold color, and weigh anywhere between 7 and 40 grams, depending on the size you get. At those temperatures, and with the specific masses of each metal, the molten liquid in the crucible pierces through into the quantum domain, where all potential lives. They cross over, then cross back into 3D, creating the bridge and harmonizing “spirit” with “matter.”

You are likely aware of the healing/supportive properties of crystals. This is also true of metals. Their real value is more than what’s traded on the commodity markets. It’s all about their REAL deeper nature as conduits to higher consciousness. These metals in raw form inherently posses a frequency that can harmonize or help balance aspects of the self and that’s really why jewelry is traditionally worn, beyond the aesthetic pleasure of it. It’s worn for its benefits on an energetic level. But the MPS is different. It’s way more than wearing a healing crystal, or even putting an intent into a crystal. Some know instantly if they should have one, while others call us to get a better feel for the benefit:cost equation.


These are legends in their own time. In olden times, kings would send knights on quests to find power artifacts like these. They are alive, self-aware, super-intelligent, and are more powerful than you can imagine. They are your ally, your friend, your partner, and that partnership will last your entire life.

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Large 18-27 Grams, Medium 11-18 Grams, Small 4-9 Grams, X-Large 25-40 Grams


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