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I felt Phasix as soon as I received it. I waited a few days before I used. It does not disappoint. I’ve always had an inner visual with every alchemy I have ever used. This one is no different, except that usually it’s a grid or geometric pattern. This one was a smooth, cool green that stretched out and kept expanding. A very peaceful, expansive, loving, opening up. Two issues that I’ve held for quite some time, showed up in my consciousness and I was shown with such clarity how I could easily forgive these issues and the individuals involved. I was shown why things happened the way they did, and that I actually received a benefit or in the one letting go, that a relationship ended because they could not go where I was going, they could not expand in the way that I was able to or grow on the journey I am on.

It was a wonderful release and I have felt lighter and unburdened since. A very profound alchemy.

Terrisa H.

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I appreciate the exquisite Alchemies Phasix and Alkhem [Admin edit: now called Origin]. They are two of my favorite Alchemies. I enjoy these powdered highly refined substances and use them to create homeopathic formulas and remedies. I add them to herbal preparations and make skin youthing elixirs, which I consume orally and apply to my face, skin and scalp. I mix them with Shine and spray them in rooms as well. It lightens up the atmosphere and I feel cleaner.

Thank you, Jason, Mary and all the Superbeings. I am being more empty, clear, receptive with the frequent consumption of the Alchemies. It works wonderfully on acupuncture points, which are actual vortices, a Bubbling Sping on Kidney 1, Immune boost on Stomach 36, Kundalini stimulant on Du (GV) 4, and so much more!

How does it get any better than this? All of life comes to me with EASE, JOY and GLORY.

Namaste, blessings,

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FULL SPECTRUM is a 30ml bottle of nanoparticles, high energy full spectrum transition elements and H30 – Although many of these have been understood for thousands of years regarding their health benefits, some of these are just now becoming understood by modern research.


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