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Spiritual Alchemy

Spiritual Alchemy deals with inner transformation. Its goal is to attract abundance in life. Realizing one’s highest self is the gold in spiritual alchemy.

Spiritual alchemy works in the same lines of chemical alchemy. But, it has more to do with the inner transformation. The goal of spiritual alchemy is to attract spiritual and physical abundance in one’s life.

The core of alchemy is spiritual. Even Saint Germain who was triumphant in turning base metals into gold said this. The process requires one to practice spiritual alchemy as well.

While now, we see spiritual and chemical alchemy as different. In ancient times, the two were the same. As the years went by, the two became exclusive of each other. Chemical scientists chose to focus only on the physical one.

Spiritual alchemy is all about discovering oneself. It delves in the path of uncovering the truth. The truth about the soul, cosmos, and nature. Spiritual alchemy is about letting go of one’s redundant qualities. It is about embracing one’s highest self.

Thus, at its core, spiritual alchemy is about self-development. It is about transforming oneself by undergoing the painful processes of life. Yes, it is about finding gold. But, here the gold is realizing one’s full potential.

In the past, there wasn’t any clear demarcation between religion and science. Both chemical and spiritual alchemy used the same symbols. Purification is the core aspect of alchemy. It is about refining oneself to perfection by undergoing painful transformation.

The essence of alchemy is purification. The glimmering gold has to undergo several extensive steps to let go off its impurities. In the same way, spiritual alchemy entails facing challenges to refine one’s character.

If you want to know if the lead can really be converted into gold then know that it is possible. In the modern-day, the dreams of the ancient alchemist have come true. Lead converts to gold in a process called nuclear transmutation.

While nuclear transmutation couldn’t be achieved in the past. The experiments of the alchemists were not all in vain. It is worthy to note that, in the past, science and religion used to have blurred lines. This means many times alchemists used the same symbols that were used in science.

These universal symbols found there place in the discussion of religion and science. This practice was encouraged in ancient times as the alchemists feared hostility from the Catholic Church. The church in those times didn’t tolerate any teachings that didn’t come from them.

The spirit and matter in the subject of alchemy are one. They are part of a single entity. Both matter and spirit work with each other to bring the divine energy from the heavens. Thus, in essence, alchemy tries to marry the ordinary with the divine.

Alchemy tries to raise our spirits through many transformative processes. The aim of alchemy is to merge oneself with higher energies. Only then it is possible to create the philosopher’s stone. This stone has transmutative powers. It turns everything to gold.

Saint Germain was a popular alchemist of his time in Europe. Influential people gave him their flawed and tarnished gems. But he returned them as sparkling new ones. Thus, Saint Germain was a person whom people considered as a chemical alchemist.

Besides advocating alchemy, Saint Germain urged the masses to focus on their thoughts. According to him, this was necessary to attain a higher conscious awareness. He suggested that the process of turning base metals to gold had a lot to do with spiritual development.

According to ancient beliefs, who we are as a person is an accumulation of our actions. These actions entail our past lives and our present. All our strengths and weaknesses, the physical appearance and our emotional state is the result of creating ourselves since the origin of the world.

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