ZENZING – Liver Tonic

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ZENZING Liver Tonic and Hangover relief is a powerful formula with 13 ingredients for effective liver protection and brain refreshing properties based on old ancient chinese pharmacopeia. 4 major hangover herbs + 5 major liver protection factors together with patented oligopeptides preparations makes this formula a powerful remedy for restoring liver functions to an optimal level.

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Why Choose ZenZing?

  • Modern technology ferments more than ten kinds of medicinal and food homologous herbs, biological enzymolysis technology breaks the wall at low temperature, and the functional ingredients are completely released;
  • 5 powerful anti-alcoholic factors + 8 liver protection ingredients “three-dimensional” liver protection
  • Directional screening of microbial strains, exclusive constant temperature multi-stage continuous fermentation, to improve the effect and reduce toxic and side effects
  • Puerarin, phytoflavones, corn oligopeptides and other ingredients increase the activity of alcohol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, promote alcohol catabolism, and relieve hangover and discomfort after drinking;
  • Mulberry polysaccharide protects liver cells from being damaged by alcohol, and promotes liver cell repair and regeneration;
  • In vitro alcohol decomposition experiment, the effect is perfectly displayed.

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Main IngredientsPuerarinhovenia dulcisphyllanthus emblica seabuckthornchrysanthemumolive green fruit extractcassia wolfberrymulberryChinese yamangelica dahurica Polygonatum sibiricummulberry leafpueraria, corn Oligopeptide, L-Theanine.

Drink 1 x 50ml ampule directly or dilute in a glass with warm water (≤ 40 ºC).

Try to avoid chlorinated water.


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