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In all these pages, we try to give enough (for some, way too much info!) details to make the decision be simple, straightforward, comfortable. We want you to feel supported, and indeed, the moment at which your Power Stone is begun, beings (other selves) on higher levels become aware of your Power Stone as a vastly simplified method to reach through the levels and give you support for all you truly need. This is a support you will feel and take great comfort from.

Merlin Power Stones could just as readily be named “Merlin Wisdom Stones,” because a hardcoded fact in Creation is that Wisdom and Power are the exact same thing. The path they put you on, your highest path so long as you don’t fight them, is the path of wisdom, nobility, sincerity and impeccability.

Merlin Power Stones open a clear and wide path to Metaself. But not only is this a clear and wide conduit to Metaself, but to all selves with which you are associated existing on all levels or planes of perceptual being, which you could also say all exist between you and Metaself. In more elementary circles of new age thought, this is distilled to the way oversimplified idea of “higher self.” Well, know this now. You have many, thousands even. Every higher aspect, or self, of your own totality has access to this plane through your Merlin Power Stone, thus their use of it as a “body” to accomplish what you want accomplished. Therefore, whatever it is you’re wanting to accomplish will require a certain kind of ability, presence, or speciality, and the appropriate self will be called forth to see that it gets done.

If you keep reading, the below will make more sense.

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Prices & Actual Values
£500 = 4-9 grams
// £130 or more in actual gold value

£800 = 11-18 grams
// £290 or more in actual gold value

£1150 = 18-27 grams
// £450 or more in actual gold value

£1500 = 25-40 grams
// £650 or more in actual gold value
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Shipping will be discussed between us after your Stone is finished, due to many factors, the most important being the shipping method and what to insure it for.

The more intuitive among you will know these for what they are and won’t require any further information. High level intuitives will require no decision-making process whatsoever, as you’ll know – or glimpse – the depths into Creation’s Core these Power Stones have reach, and finding and getting one is just a “given” along your journey, something you’ve been waiting for. Those who are sensitive to energy will feel their precursor energy, and the energetic output from the Power Stones on this page. For those who haven’t yet developed these skills/senses to a highly informative degree, this page should give you a very good idea, and feeling, as to whether or not you should get one.

Let’s crank this up with some things that need to be crystal clear. These Power Stones are legit. They do what we say, indeed unstoppably, and they’re very powerful. How they punch through the “thickness” of this dream and reach through all density levels would take a book to describe. If such a book existed, it would describe the very actions, capabilities and purposes of elemental alchemy right from the beginning of the current 80,000 year experiment, and if told accurately, would be highly esoteric.

Power Stones are literally what you’d see hanging around the neck of what typical new age thought refers to as Ascended Masters (who themselves think such a designation is silly). Indeed, these people will have used just such an implement to help them to the understandings needed to graduate to the 5th density, and do wear such implements once on that density level. If you think these are grandiose statements, and they truly are not, then you might want to look into what you yourself truly are at The Superbeings. Your Power Stone will guide you to the optimal, or highest, decisions, and open the doors for the optimal, or best, opportunities, and clear the path of any obstacles for optimal “movement” along that now optimized path.

While it’s impossible for anybody to NOT be on their path, at the same time the highest level opportunities can be missed. All this means is that the path takes a direction that is not optimal for the functioning of you as a 3D human instrument in this fantastic game. Missed opportunities also mean that a chain reaction of doors are consequently presented for your less-than-optimal path because of the momentum of the newly chosen trajectory, all driven by your choices.

With this in mind, it’s equally crucial for you to understand that what your highest path looks like might not match what your vision of it is. In other words, your own higher selves know better what you need than you do on what you think you want, and your Power Stone is their open and clear access to you, especially to impulse you towards everything you DON’T know about, which will inevitably be surprising, refreshing and amazing. Therefore, if you have wants and desires that don’t align with your highest path, that don’t align with what your own higher selves know you need, your personal, and personality-driven, vision of yourself might not materialize. Once on or moving quickly to your highest path, your life will change…from a little to radically. To get on, and stay on, your highest path might call for assessments of relationships, of habits of consumption and of thought and emotion, of your life literally across the board. Therefore, to step on to your highest path, you may actually be making a commitment to a much higher state of being, one in which wisdom, nobility, sincerity and impeccability are your only goals. With these as your goals, you cannot possibly go wrong in this game.

We say all this because we can say, like we all do all the time, we’re committed to our own highest path and then go about our normal addictions to this low-level continuum and the dramas it engenders. But if you were to commission the making of your Power Stone, just saying you’re committed to Highest Truth and Path is no longer in the equation, because you will eventually simply DO what is your Highest Truth and path without even trying, again, so long as you don’t fight it. So the question really becomes, “Am I ready to possibly have everything changed in order to Live Truth?”

So another thing being said here in these first few paragraphs, and which we want to make absolutely clear, is that Power Stones aren’t wishing wells, or law of attraction, self-empowerment gimmicks. These are ancient and tested implements for Wisdom Magic Science. They are teaching tools, engines of creativity, and can be used for quite a variety of energetic actions all founded within wisdom, nobility, sincerity, and impeccability, which are all the characteristics of one’s highest path anyway.

If you fight your Power Stone, your highest path, if you resist it, it will only make your life a hassle. And so long as your Power Stone exists (anywhere in all of Creation), you can’t stop it from doing its job, and by extension the job all your higher selves have with respect to your guidance and trajectories. And so, if in finding out that your highest path requires you to be what you, your small self, don’t/doesn’t want to be, they can be returned to us and “decoded” at 2000 degrees, which is the only way to do it. There will be, however, a fee of $100 for such a return.

The higher plane energetics involved are incredible, and all take place in the intense heat, where the lattice structure of the atoms, specific to the metals and their very specific combinations, create fields for interaction with higher planes. To someone with higher sight, like a clairvoyant, the furnace firings would appear as brilliant, nuclear-like reactions and eruptions you’d see in the normal processes of stars.

We’re perfectly aware that the “investment” is significant and may raise questions, but at the same time they’re priceless, and the truth is we should be charging two or three times what we are. As stated here and there, we want nothing more than to help you to be supremely confident in moving forward, so don’t hesitate to contact us by whatever method you prefer. If you’d like a conference, we have an excellent way to do that by appointment. We’re not here to talk you into anything. Your compulsion to get one will come entirely from Metaself, and that’s how we prefer it, as a Merlin Power Stone in your possession is an act of symphonic perfection on the parts of many beings.

Now for the fun stuff. The Merlin Power Stones are both modern and legendary. Artifacts like these have been made by high level magi, alchemists, “miraculous doctors,” in all ages of the current Earth experiment. The first time I made a low level version of one of these, a psionic adept (also what we could call “superseer”) said, “It’s what Merlin would put in the handle of his staff to channel energy,” and this superseer knew absolutely nothing about them, including Merlin’s involvement, so that was quite a revelation. Another superseer said, “You’re making bodies for higher level beings to use when necessary.” Wow! Was THAT prophetic!


If you’re sensitive to energy, you’ll feel these from the pics. It’s obviously for the person who commissioned it. The point is, that if you held one of these, or your own, in your hand for ten seconds you’ll still feel it there hours later, probably along with the energy that flowed through your palm chakra and up your arm and into your shoulder. Really senstive people will feel it begin changing their entire physical body and subtle bodies/fields the moment it’s in their possession. I have placed one of these on my third-eye for only a short time, which showed me they can be borderline psychedelic. For some, they are full-on conscious portals to astral or, more importantly, even higher densities.

In pre-Druid times, in what is now Northern Scotland, a dear friend and I were husband and wife. I was being charged with the task of transporting a sacred artifact made by a fellow alchemist, containing and flowing great power, from there to Gaul, or what is now Southern France. It was a sojourn fraught with perils, and there was a very real possibility she and I would never see each other again. So important was this quest, both of us were perfectly aware that our small-self relationship was secondary to this quest. To be willing to carry it out without concern for self takes great nobility and sense of purpose and presence of Metaself, and/or of higher selves, and awareness of its simultaneous agenda/s.

At the same time, we were both perfectly aware that this world is an illusion, a passion play, and we are here to play our parts. The artifact in question was something along the lines of a Merlin Power Stone – something manufactured with great care, wisdom, intuition and technical expertise. That artifact was on no higher a level than these Power Stones – in fact the Power Stones coming about now are cracking the very fabric of spacetime, but they will always adhere to the level of their owner while pushing the envelope of What Could Be.

They range from £500 to £1500. While someone might think that’s outrageous, the more aware will understand it’s paltry for a priceless artifact. While one person would see this as a nominally attractive hunk of metal, the more aware will understand that it’s a complex gestalt of divine energy masquerading as 3D jewelry items. In short, these are more holographic than your average objects on this level of perception. They’re energy presenting as solid objects. And while this is true about everything, including your body, it’s generally more true about these. It’s like saying “they’re only kind of here.”

You can of course request to have an intent, desire, energy, whatever, encoded into it, but that will only transpire if Metaself sanctions it, since Metaself – and/or other higher selves – is in charge of the encoding. As it is with pretty much everything my hands and senses make, I’m only the hands carrying out the 3D layer of the whole operation, which is why everything I make is so pure and clear.

In my thinking, PayPal Credit is not a bad way to go, as the Power Stone itself could lead to financial increases for pretty much anyone, thus creating the resources to pay for the thing creating the abundance.

If you’d like to ask MPS owners any question you may have not answered here, visit this forum at The Superbeings.

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