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FAQ – Merlin Power Stones

Q: Do I really need a Merlin Power Stone?
A: No. All you need is within, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. BUT, and this is a HUGE but, to identify, clear and/or fix everything there is to address within us, while we simultaneously move around in a sea of highly chaotic, filthy, toxic energy and all the patterns that keep us limited, is an enormous task requiring laser-precise personal insight and years, even decades, of dogged discipline. One superseer once said my alchemy saves people thousands of years in development. Also, people like us process what must be purged from this world on behalf of many other people, so we need all the help we can get. Our point is this: why not let infinitely smarter beings do all that for us? It works. It’s proven. Just ask our people. MPS’ greatly simplify a fantastically complex navigation of invisible AND visible things, making every part of what you are smoother and simpler.

Q: Who makes them?
A: A true adept and master of Divine Energy. See brief bio.

Q: Am I ready for a Merlin Power Stone?
A: Yes, if you can answer “yes” to the following questions. Are you ready for what’s next? Are you ready to leave your old self behind and start being your new self? Are you ready to walk the path of your highest expression? Are you ready to be purified? Are you ready to be healed? Are you ready to live according to your highest design? According to the way you designed yourself? Are you ready for wisdom, nobility, sincerity, impeccability?

Q: How exactly does it work? How might someone use one, for example?
A: They can be used passively or actively. Some people put theirs on their altar and don’t even really touch them again. They just stand back and let them do their thing. From there, they pay attention to how their life is feeling and flowing. Many begin seeing changes the day they place the order and get in the queue (because these also do operate outside linear time). Many also immediately feel less burdened, like something has come along and agreed to help shoulder the tough stuff. Changes can range from subtle to radical, depending on the readiness of the owner for the potential that can be brought. They then play in those opportunities, explore the open doors to new vistas of awesome life and living.

Some are more interactive with their Stone. Some meditate with them, sitting in its field, using techniques like tuning into deep gratitude and focusing on the aspects they want to bring into their life. They might combine a Stone with any modality for maximum effect that works for their highest good, making incredible cocktails. The Stone itself will convey to you some way or another what other things are needed. Using the Stone as a focal point is powerful. Those who are in the healing arts wear them for guidance and protection with a simple command.

Still others put them to work in wands and staffs, to gather, direct and command energy in shamanic work. Merlin himself used something very like this in his staff.

Depending on many factors, it can take a while to understand how it’s working in your life, but just ask it to show you. Then pay attention to what’s going on in your world. The possibilities will start flowing. The solutions start coming. Do you have to implement them? Yes. The stone won’t fix everything in your life all by itself, but it can help you see where you are in your own way. In time, before you know it, you are where you want to be. If not quite where you want to be, you will at least be more clear about how to get there.

We have free workshops to increase your knowledge and understanding, and we’re happy to work one-on-one, again free of charge, anytime, to help you get the most out of your Stone.

Q: What is the most effective method of use of a Merlin Power Stone?
A: The simplest answer is to let it guide you to wisdom, which is the same thing as letting the human dramas, pitfalls and distractions pass into your rearview mirror. Then it’s a matter of using wisdom to accomplish absolutely anything. It’s like inviting into your life your own highest being, and then making an active partner and friend of It to help this you along a greatly simplified path leading towards It. If you let it, if you remain tuned to its own access-giving capacity, you will inevitably feel in contact with, and supported by, these immense and loving beings, these other selves. If you want to use it for manifestation, then removing all wish, hope, expectation and, yes, even desperation from your emotional body is the secret. Removing those programmed human emotions/tendencies is in fact one of the Great Secrets of the Masters. If your very first intent is to remove those tendencies, with sincerity, your Stone will get you there faster than anything else possibly could. Then you are free to create just because it is fun, and it’s from Love.

Q: Does the size matter?
A: Size doesn’t matter, and nothing can change what a Merlin Power Stone does once it’s in existence and encoded to you. It could be in another galaxy, and all you’d need to do is put your attention on its presence and it will do your bidding (within the bounds of wisdom, of course). The short list of reasons to consider size, and therefore amount spent, is for creative reasons, such as what you might like to do with it in jewelry settings, amulets, in a staff, in a wand…whatever. The other reason is that the size is in effect already decided for you. The question is whether you’re sufficiently in touch with your intuitive capacities to know what that should be. In short, you might need a specific size to be at optimal in your partnership.

Q: Do you mount them in jewelry settings?
A: No. That’s a process best undertaken by you, the owner, and the reasons for it are many, not the least of which being that whatever appeals to you artistically, the more “perfect” and “balanced” the relationship.

Q: Can they be used to create financial freedom?
A: Yes, to great effect. If you want more money, and it’s in alignment with your highest path, nothing can stop it from coming to you as you clear away the blockages. But money won’t just materialize out of nothing. Increasing it can involve ideas, inspirations, new opportunities, and so on. In other words, your desire will invariably call for some sort of action, even if the action is to purchase a lottery ticket (we had one person win multiple small lotteries this way). This is a HUGE topic, and one we’re addressing for MPS owners in free workshops. There’s a great deal to learn and understand in these areas.

Q: Can they be used in ceremonial magic?
A: Yes. They love it, provided it does not violate or subvert one’s path, are used responsibly, and if you accept the full responsibility, and potential return effects, for even just attempted misuse of its power.

Q: Can they be used for harm, or ill-will, of any kind?
A: Someone can try to use them for that, but it won’t work. That’s like asking a rake to be a shovel. But as stated, trying to use one that way could have unwanted consequences for the owner.

Q: Can they be used to ward off energetic harm directed at me?
A: To great effect. It’s a matter of simply turning the energy back to its source, which is the purest way to handle the energy, completely free of any intent on your part, as the intent was already set by the sender. In this way, it’s also useful to understand that your MPS can raise your frequency, and thus your mentality, out of the fear which would have you thinking that you would need protection to begin with. In the highest wisdom, which is the highest frequencies available on this 3D plane, the energy sent to harm you wouldn’t even be able to find you.

Q: Can they be used to direct energy for magical spellwork?
A: Of course, and it’s just as useful to understand that “spellwork” is just another word for directing energy by thought and emotion. The ceremony of casting isn’t necessary, but if you prefer it, then more power to you. As indicated these Stones love ritual and ceremony.

Q: Can they be used to undo spellwork (energy intent) directed at me?
A: Of course, to great effect, which includes any emotional manipulation, and which brings us to the next question.

Q: Can they be used to create love spells or any other type of emotional infuence or control?
A: Not successfully. This is the sort of thing that can backfire badly. And the use of anything for that purpose is just childish.

Q: Can they be used to perform healing work on someone else?
A: If it doesn’t interfere with another’s path, they can, but this is the province of very high level practitioners of energy work, and is therefore not recommended for most to undertake, as this could backfire as well. Further, if they’re used in healing work by someone who charges money for that work, the backfire could be intense.

Q: Can they protect me from toxic EMFs or other harmful energies and frequencies?
A: To great effect. It’s a simple thought. “Neutralize all energies with which I come into contact that stand between me and my most thriving balance.”

Q: Can they be used in self love, confidence building and increasing one’s vibration, such as for solo tantric work to facilitate feeling love and freedom from needing a partner, or soulmate, to complete them?
A: Yes. You could say this is a primary reason for them, and by extension bring balance to, or freeing you of, relationships that no longer serve. It isn’t to say you won’t encounter your perfect counterpart. It is to say that it will clear you of any belief that you need a counterpart to begin with (what some might call “twin flame”), because you don’t.

Q: In that vein, can they be used for various purposes in sacred sexual processes?
A: Emphatically, again with awareness, mindfulness and responsibility, and in keeping with the question and answer above.

Q: Can they be used to increase one’s personal magnetism for any reason, including for a life partner?
A: Yes, again so long as the the second to last paragraph above is observed and understood.

Q: Can they be set in wedding rings?
A: Yes, but it’s such a convoluted explanation that it’s just as well you don’t unless you are a very high level practitioner in energy work and esotericism. It’s best just to assume they can’t be.

Q: Can one be made as a gift for a loved one?
A: Yes, and everything they do will work even if that loved one is unaware of the Stone’s existence. BUT, as you know, people tend to pile all their problems and blockages and patterns on every single day, and so the Stone might not be able to fight through a given owner’s own decisions.

Q: Can they be used to strengthen my personal will in overcoming obstacles and challenges, like eating more healthily, losing fat, shedding bad habits, and whatever else?
A: To great effect, so long as you’re sincere. If you’re an addict, you know what is meant by being sincere, and the myriad dramas on this plane are the addiction and the sources of all personal problems. The importance of sincerity can’t be stressed enough. If you have weaknesses that stand between you and your highest expression, and you are sincere about elevating above their sphere of influence, your MPS will work with unstoppable power to that end.

Q: Can they be incorporated into my own artistic expressions?
A: Yes. They especially love this.

Q: Can they be used to increase or fine-tune my artistic side and the creativity to fuel the expressions?
A: Hugely.

Q: Can they be used to clarify unclear situations for decision-making?
A: Yes. Clarifying is an especially acute skill they have.

Q: Can they be used to deepen meditations?
A: Inevitably this is a result, as you yourself will find out when you place it on your third eye.

Q: Can they be used to potentiate substances, like supplements, herbs or liquids?
A: Yes, by simply putting your attention on both simultaneously, your MPS will know what to do.

Q: Can they be used to smooth difficult situations or circumstances in daily life?
A: This could be said to be a primary use.

Q: Can they be used to increase self-confidence, social skills, determination to complete things?
A: Perfect use, so long as your intent doesn’t subvert your highest path. Removing the linchpins of fear is what your MPS will do whether you ask it to or not. This is automatic.

Q: Can they be used to consecrate and clear space?
A: To great effect.

Q: Can they be embedded in a structure, or buried in the ground, for that purpose?
A: Yes, but it wouldn’t be necessary.

Q: What if I lose it? Will it still work?
A: So long as they exist, they will do for you what they need to. All that is needed is your attention on them and whatever it is you want to accomplish. If you have no intent, they’ll continue to do what they do for you automatically.

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