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This Pendant is one of a growing range of WDS Bridge to Consciousness devices. The technology incorporated in the Chakra Balance Pendant is the most advanced yet, and gives a possible glimpse into the future of balancing for health conditions delivered through this Bridge.

The Chakra Balance idea is not new, it has been performed for eons of time in different cultures across the world. Many energy balancing techniques either directly or indirectly incorporate Chakra Balancing. This however is probably the first time that technology of this magnitude has been created and used in such a physically small pendant.

The focus of the Chakra Balancing Pendant includes the balancing of the main energy chakras (including the Alta Major) as well as the subtle bodies – Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Unified Body – within the energetic bio-field.

The formula has been created on the e-Lybra Energy Balancing System which is designed and built by World Development Systems in the UK. The formula includes homoeopathic, colour, gems and crystals, astrological and specifically designed remedies unique to the e-Lybra system. Each of the selected remedies is combined synergistically to work together.

One of the truly innovative concepts deployed here is for each of the remedies selected within the formula to work independently and only when required. This is done through a carefully designed interface which behaves in a manner similar to the concept of noise cancellation in modern electronics, whereby the unbalanced frequencies are present within a person (specific noise) and where a complimentary remedy (frequency) is used to harmonise the imbalance by a process of sympathetic resonance. This concept has revolutionised the ability to have continual energetic support from the Pendant.

Attuning to the Chakra Balance Pendant

Each time you want to use the Chakra Balancing Pendant just hold it with both hands against the chest area, breathe in for 9 seconds, hold your breath for 9 seconds and breathe out for 9 seconds.

This is all you need to do to attune to the Chakra Balance Pendant – the activation process is now complete and the WDS ‘Bridge to Consciousness’ will have been formed. You can now continue to wear this Pendant (or place it in your pocket) for as long as you wish. There is no maximum time limit in using this Pendant. Use the Chakra Balance Pendant whenever you feel the need to do so, when you feel out of balance, during a hard day at the office or a challenging day with the family. You can learn to check if it is needed by learning intuitive skills like kinesiology, dowsing, touch-for-health to name but a few.

Monitoring the Change

Some people are more sensitive to subtle energy than others, so some people will feel it working, while others will have the awareness that it is working simply by being clearer, or of the sense of balance being restored.

If you find it difficult to sense in these ways then be mindful of other changes that happen in your life, such as better sleep, feeling less stressed after the normal week or other pointers that indicate balance within your energetic system. There will always be a change when wearing the Chakra Balance Pendant.


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